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‘Assembly Required’ Stars Tim Allen and Richard Karn Pose Next to a Gorgeous Blue Custom Plymouth Hot Rod

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic)

“Assembly Required” stars Tim Allen and Richard Karn have found themselves with a little extra downtime and they are taking full advantage of it.

The History Channel has yet to announce if it will renew “Assembly Required” for a second season. Most fans think it is a matter of when and not if the network will announce the return of the show. The show was a hit during its first season with Allen and Karn leading the way.

Allen’s other hit television show “Last Man Standing” came to an end earlier this year. With no show to currently work on, the two are using their free time wisely. Allen continues working on his passion, which is restoring classic cars and hot rods. Karn is promoting his appearance on the video-sharing site “Cameo” in which celebrities send personalized messages to fans. They got together for a photo recently and put together a stunning pic with a beautiful Custom Plymouth Hot Rod.

The social media photo has no caption words but does it really need them. This is pure awesomeness personified at the two comedic legends look right at home in a nice and well-equipped garage.

‘Assembly Required’ Brings Comedy Legends Back Together

“Assembly Required” reunites the all-time funny duo once again after years apart. On the show, Allen and Karn play the hosts and judges of a reality building skills competition. Contestants on “Assembly Required” are to build odd items, like shockproof food trays, out of materials they have in their own garages or shops. The winner of the competition is the builder who puts together the most competent and useful item. Along with their duties as hosts and judges, Allen and Karn also provide the comedic relief on the show — as you would expect.

The two actors rose to prominence in the 1990s when they co-starred in the “Home Improvement” family show. Allen has compared “Assembly Required” to “Home Improvement” in past interviews. In the latter, Allen plays Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor and Karn plays his capable assistant Al Borland. Together, they co-host the fictional do-it-yourself show “Tool Time.” Obsessed with giving everyday tools “more power,” also his catchphrase, Taylor’s inventions often result in catastrophe. It is often left to Borland to clean up after Taylor’s messes. Allen once said “Assembly Required” is like a reality version of “Tool Time” and it is hard to argue that point.

Now reunited on “Assembly Required,” it is obvious to watchers that Allen and Karn still have that same comedic chemistry. Viewers describe the show as fun, entertaining and funny and hope that does indeed return for a second season.

When that decision will come is anyone’s guess, but it is safe to say that most everyone would love to see a second season of “Assembly Required.”