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‘Assembly Required’: Tim Allen Calls the History Channel Series His ‘Favorite Show’

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Leon Bennett/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Move over “Home Improvement” and “Last Man Standing” because Tim Allen has a new favorite show. And that’s his competition-based “Assembly Required.”

Allen shared on his social media a clip from the upcoming episode. The actor revealed that he’s looking forward to dining on some tacos and also watching the episode himself. It’s quickly become a favorite among Allen’s catalogue.

Allen wrote on Twitter, “Looking forward to enjoying my dinner of #TacoTuesday while watching my new favorite show #AssemblyRequired.”

Tonight’s (March 23) episode also looks to poise a crazy challenge for the contestants. Host Richard Karn revealed that the challenge was building a treadmill. Using wood and their ingenuity, contestants must build a treadmill space-saving machine. But Karn was having a little trouble starting one treadmill during the promo. In response, Allen encouraged him to start walking.

Tim Allen and ‘Assembly Required’

Tim Allen and Richard Karn’s chemistry continues to be a huge selling point of “Assembly Required” on the History Channel. The two reunited once again on screen, and the results are nothing short of winning. Well, at least for the two actors and audiences. There will be plenty of losers before the competition is all said and done.

Contestants have to find the inner Toolman within and channel a little Tim Taylor if they want to not only survive but win. “Home Improvement” fans well know that both Allen and Karn’s characters built some pretty wacky inventions during that show’s run. That sitcom ran during the 1990s for eight seasons and continues to find new fans through re-runs.

Of course, the contestants on “Assembly Required” don’t have that sitcom magic working in their favor. Their inventions actually have to work in real life and pass the inspection of both Karn and Allen. The show hopes to capture the ingenuity and creativity of craftsmen across America. It’s true that audiences have never quite seen inventions like the ones attempted on the show.

For instance, during a past episode, the contestants had to build the ultimate dog house. One contestant designed a house with its own personal tennis ball launcher. Not bad for man’s best friend. But the show is still early in its season with plenty of more wild inventions to come. Audiences may have come to watch Karn and Allen’s particular brand of humor. But they may stay to see what crazy invention the show comes up with next.