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‘Assembly Required’: Tim Allen Says They ‘Got the Fire-Department on Call’ for Tonight’s New Episode

by Jon D. B.
(Photo by Walt Disney Television via Getty Images Photo Archives/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images) TIM ALLEN;RICHARD KARN

Whip out those fire extinguishers Assembly Required fans – there’s an explosive episode of the History Channel show headed your way!

“Got the fire department on-call for another great episode #tonight of Assembly Required!” lauds Tim Allen on Tuesday. The Last Man Standing comedy icon is at it again with Home Improvement co-star Richard Karn. And as fans of this golden duo know, always expect the unexpected when they’re together.

This begs the question: what could possibly be in store for Tuesday’s episode? “You’re going to build a meat-brazing torch!” Tim Allen announces in tonight’s preview.

“Good lord… he’s made some sort of weapon!” Richard Karn follows up as he stares on in amazement. His statement, however, pales in comparison to the next frame showcasing one of their contestants as he… well as he lights himself on fire.

“Oh no! Oh wow, hey, are you okay?” Allen shouts in disbelief at what he’s seeing.

“I… singed a couple of hairs, but we’re good!” his contestant replies – leaving the star in a state we thought we’d never see: speechless.

Watch for yourself as Allen’s eyebrows say it all, and get all fired up for tonight’s episode of Assembly Required.

‘Assembly Required’: Literally ‘Tool Time’ Reborn

Still not quite sure what History Channel’s show is all about? It’s not exactly historical, is it? If this is your main concern, well, allow Tim Allen himself to quell your concerns as he brandishes the show’s contestants as “the best builders in history.”

It’s a stretch, sure – but so far the show is proving a hit, and an absolute blast to watch (quite literally with tonight’s episode). And if the antics of true friends Allen & Karn reminds you of their show-within-a-show – i.e. Home Improvement‘s brilliant Tool Time – that’s exactly the point.

History Channel’s reality show allows the duo to “be exactly like we were in ‘Tool Time,’ ” USA Today cites of Allen. But where’s Heidi? Worry not, Tool Timers, joining in for the builds is DIY woodworking expert and YouTube star April Wilkerson. Wilkerson is a pro of the format, as each episode sees the contestants competing via-internet in their own workshops.

As for Allen, he was unsure if anyone would want to be a part of his brainchild, even longtime friend Richard Karn. But “he jumped at the chance, USA Today quotes of Allen. “And then, all of a sudden it became the two of us, kind of a live version of ‘Tool Time,’ if you will. We were very similar to the characters we play in that show.”

Moreover, the star adds that his old friend “was able to go, ‘OK, OK, OK,'” and help him through an unscripted format. “[Karn] is a consummate professional and genuinely calm-hearted person. And it was a perfect match to pull me out of having to go insane,” Allen adds. “[Richard] was able to bring it back down and be exactly like we were in ‘Tool Time.’ It’s amazing how this is an expansion of that relationship.”

Sound like a good time? We think so, too. Tune into Assembly Required Tuesday nights at 10 EST/PST. And if you need help finding when/where to watch: we’ve got you covered.