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‘Assembly Required’: Tim Allen Hilariously Captured Snarling at Co-Host Richard Karn on Golf Green

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by Leon Bennett/FilmMagic)

History Channel series “Assembly Required” is picking up steam as it gathers a larger audience with each passing episode.

A big reason for the show’s success is the infamous comedic duo that serves as hosts of the show. Assembly Required reunites former Home Improvement stars Tim Allen and Richard Karn for the first time since the show ended. The comedic chemistry between the two men is obvious to anyone who has seen an episode of their new hit show. Allen and Karn pick up right where they left off with Home Improvement, providing hilarious commentary for the reality assembly competition.

Allen and Karn just can’t help but be side-splittingly hilarious when they are put together. This is true for both on-set and off-set in their personal lives, where the two are the best of friends. Assembly Required recently posted a photo of the two men at a recent golf outing. As you might expect, they are serving up the laughs while teeing it up on the greens.

The photo appears to be a selfie taken by Karn and shows Allen “snarling” at his friend as clouds gather in the distance. There isn’t a caption or description of the photo given by Assembly Required. Just two men enjoying a round of golf and each other’s company.

‘Assembly Required’ Hosts are All-Time Comedy Duo

The weekend Twitter post took in more than 300 “likes” and a double-digit number of comments. One social media user recalls a funny moment from Home Improvement in his reply.

“I hope you’re not letting Tim use that souped-up driver he used on Home Improvement,” the Twitter user writes. “The one with an explosive cartridge in it.”

Assembly Required is still in the middle of its first season but is off to a promising start. A new episode is due out this week. The History Channel synopsis of the show states,” home repair experts compete to rebuild and breathe new life into everyday household items.”

While the competition part of the show makes for great television, Allen and Karn are the combination that makes it go. With their love of building things and comedic chops, the dynamic duo seems to be enjoying their hosting duties.