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‘Assembly Required’: Tim Allen Was Inspired to Create Show By His Own Mentoring Program for Kids

by Chris Haney
(Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for SAG-AFTRA Foundation)

Actors Tim Allen and Richard Karn are reuniting for a new competition show, Assembly Required, and recently revealed the inspiration behind the series.

The former Home Improvement stars joined the hosts of Today to talk about their newest project. The new competition series highlights some of the best builders across the nation. Each episode pushes the competitors to fix everyday household items by not only rebuilding the items but building them better.

Allen and Karn act as hosts of Assembly Required who bring their own humor and craftsman expertise to the series. The two actors shared what inspired them to create the competition series during their virtual Today interview.

As the Today hosts mentioned, it had been 20 years since Home Improvement ended. Once Allen came up with the idea, which was inspired by his youth mentoring program, he approached Karn about working together once again.

“I wanted to mentor kids to get them out of trouble and to show them that there’s stuff to do with your hands. Instead of being active… with terrible things,” Tim Allen explained on Today. “It developed into a show to honor people that build stuff, fix stuff. And then it morphed into this.”

“In the middle of pitching it, it took hold real fast. And my manager said, ‘Why don’t you ask Richard if he’d like to get involved in this. It didn’t seem like something he’d be interested in even though we see each other quite a bit. I said, ‘Okay, I’ll give it a shot.’ And it turned out we both have a shared interest in celebrating those who fix things instead of break things.”

‘Assembly Required’ Star Tim Allen Makes Fun of Richard Karn in Newest Episode

During the most recent episode of Assembly Required, Tim Allen hilariously took a jab at Richard Karn. The two actors still share special chemistry on-screen with one another. Even if it often comes at the expense of Karn.

On Tuesday, Allen shared a sneak peek clip of Assembly Required‘s next episode. In addition, the short video revealed what the contestants would be building. For their latest project, the competitors were asked to build a car wash machine. That’s when Karn chimed in that he actually enjoys sweeping.

“I like sweeping. It’s an activity. It’s physical,” Karn explained to an amused Allen.

“You live a pretty neat life that you consider sweeping an activity,” Allen hilariously responds.

Allen’s good-natured ribbing of Karn has been prevalent since their “Tool Time” days on Home Improvement. The builds on Assembly Required are super impressive, and the contestants are extremely talented. However, Allen and Karn’s longstanding relationship and obvious chemistry often steal the show. This is just one example of many. Make sure to tune in to Assembly Required on the History Channel every Tuesday night at 10/9c.