‘Assembly Required’: Tim Allen Reveals Teaser Clip of ‘Shocking’ New Episode

by Thad Mitchell

A new episode of Tim Allen’s new show “Assembly Required” will be dropping on the History Channel tonight (Tuesday).

It will be the third episode of the first season of the show hosted by Allen and Richard Karn. On his Twitter page, Allen shares a sneak peek of tonight’s brand new episode. He calls tonight’s episode “shocking” as contestants compete in a do-it-yourself style competition among the best builders in the world.

“Can’t wait for another ‘shocking’ episode of Assembly Required tonight on History,” Allen says in his social media post. The tweet took in hundreds of “likes” after only a few minutes of going live — a sure sign that the show is off to a good start and growing a loyal fan base.

‘Assembly Required’ off to a Promising Start

In the 20-second teaser clip, Karn and Allen present the day’s challenge to the contestants. The episode, dubbed “Kicking Grass” will see contestants attempt to create a shock-absorbing food tray. Why you would need a shock-absorbing food tray is unknown but that isn’t the point of the show. The point is to make something super cool that no one has ever seen before on television.

“You’re going to show us how to build a shock-absorbing food tray,” Allen says in the brief clip. Karn then informs the builders that their product will be put through a test of its durability.

“We are going to test the durability by dropping a weight on it,” Karn says to each of the builders.

The hosts then announce the two winners of the first round will then compete against each other in the second round for the win. In the second and final round, the competitors will build specialty landscaping machines.

The video shows one of the competitors attempting to put together what appears to be a hang glider and a rocking chair. Judging from the clip, Karn is the one to try out the machine.

The Assembly Required episode’s official synopsis from the History Channel says, “home repair experts compete to rebuild and breathe new life into everyday household items.”

With their comedic chemistry and love of building unique objects, Allen and Karn seem to be enjoying their hosting duties.