‘Assembly Required’: Tim Allen & Richard Karn Challenge Contestants to Build ‘Ultimate Doghouse’ in New Teaser

by Clayton Edwards

“Assembly Required” is going to the dogs. Tim Allen shared the teaser for the latest episode of his new building competition show on Twitter this afternoon. The video shows some short clips from tonight’s episode of the show.

In recent weeks, we have really seen the competition heat up on “Assembly Required,” as Allen and Karn push contestants to new heights. In his latest tweet, we see that things are getting more and more interesting as the first season of the new show continues.

In the tweet, Tim Allen calls on fans to put their paws together for another great night of “Assembly Required.” The teaser gives fans a taste of what to expect.

‘Assembly Required’ Goes to the Dogs

In the first round of tonight’s episode, contestants will build a doggy door. Then, “Assembly Required” takes it up a notch. Contestants are tasked with building the ultimate doghouse. The challenge won’t be easy, though. During the short clip, we get a glimpse of some of the amazing examples of doghouses the guys have on hand. One even throws tennis balls. Now that’s a doghouse fit for a champion. Maybe Phil Robertson needs to give Tim Allen a call. Blue could use a nice house like that for his retirement.

At one point, Tim tells a contestant, “If it were easy, Richard would be doing it.” This points out another big reason to tune in. Tim Allen and Richard Karn have always had great on-screen chemistry. During the days of “Home Improvement,” the pair worked perfectly together on screen. Allen was the comedian and Karn was his straight man. It seems that they have revived that dynamic on this show.

Tuning in to “Assembly Required” feels like watching a spinoff of “Tool Time,” complete with witty banter. When the fellas get stumped they even have an expert assistant to come in and help them out. The big difference is that Tim Allen isn’t the one taking household projects to a whole new level. Of course, he will always carry a little bit of Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor with him no matter where he goes.

The new episode of “Assembly Required” airs tonight on History at 9 central. However, if you’re behind on the show or just want to rewatch the last three episodes, you can do that online. Just head over to the History website. There, you can find all three episodes of the show as well as a preview of tonight’s doghouse extravaganza.