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‘Assembly Required’: Tim Allen Says He ‘Could Barely Sleep’ Thinking About New Episode

by Jon D. B.
(Photo by Walt Disney Television via Getty Images Photo Archives/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images)

While sharing the teaser for tonight’s ‘Assembly Required’ episode, star Tim Allen let slide he “could barely sleep last night” in anticipation.

When it comes to the ‘Home Improvement’ alum, Tim Allen has a soft spot for all his shows. His newest creation, however, happens to be his absolute favorite.

“Could barely sleep last night I was so excited about the new episode of #assemblyrequired #Tonight on @HISTORY,” the Tool Man legend tweets Tuesday. One viewing of the teaser trailer for tonight’s episode reveals why:

“You will attempt to build a drinking fountain!” Allen begins the teaser. “You’ve got to get very creative, here. Plumbing and water flow…” he continues as Tuesday’s contestants frantically craft away. Then, with the twist of a drill, one of tonight’s contestants sends his bit straight into his fingers with a very audible “Argh!”

“Hey, woah, woah! Are you okay?” Allen shouts to the injured ‘Assembly Required’ guest. He and longtime pal Richard Karn look deeply concerned, indeed.

“You know the project’s going to turn out well when you sacrifice your own blood to it,” the contestant voices within the Twitter teaser. Sounds like we’re in for one hell of a competition tonight! And as fans of the new Tool Time-inspired show know, we expect no less.

‘Assembly Required’ Is Perfect for ‘Home Improvement’ Fans

For those still not quite sure what History Channel’s show is all about, however, allow us to explain.

Sure, it’s not exactly “historical” content, but if this is your main concern, allow Tim Allen himself to quell your concerns as he brandishes the show’s contestants as “the best builders in history.”

It’s a stretch, sure, but the show is proving an absolute blast to watch – and quite literally with some episodes. The antics of true friends Allen & Karn are meant to remind viewers of their beloved show-within-a-show – i.e. ‘Home Improvement‘s brilliant ‘Tool Time,’ too.

Indeed, History Channel’s reality show allows the duo to “be exactly like we were in ‘Tool Time.’ But where’s Heidi? Worry not, Tool Timers: joining in for the builds is DIY woodworking expert and YouTube star April Wilkerson. Wilkerson is a pro of the format, as each episode sees the contestants competing via-internet in their own workshops.”

As for Allen, he was unsure if anyone would want to be a part of his brainchild, even longtime friend Richard Karn. But “he jumped at the chance, USA Today quotes of Allen. “And then, all of a sudden it became the two of us, kind of a live version of ‘Tool Time,’ if you will. We were very similar to the characters we play in that show.”

Sound like a good time? That’s because it is! Tune into ‘Assembly Required’ every Tuesday night. And if you need help finding when/where to watch: we’ve got you covered there, too.