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‘Assembly Required’: Tim Allen Takes Hilarious Swipe at Richard Karn in New Episode

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Ron Galella, Ltd./Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images)

Several people have compared Assembly Required to Tool Time. It’s easy to see the comparisons, really. Tim Allen and Richard Karn still have the same chemistry. Allen is the comedian and Karn is his straight man. At the same time, The Tool Man never missed the chance to bust Al’s chops. Not much has changed since Home Improvement went off the air back in 1999.

If you need any proof of that, look no further than the teaser for the latest episode of Assembly Required. In the video, Allen and Karn’s classic chemistry is on full display. At the same time, we get a quick peek at what the contestants on the show will be putting together on tonight’s episode.

Tim Allen shared the clip on his Twitter earlier today.

In the clip, we learn that contestants on tonight’s installment of Assembly Required will be building a car wash machine. We also learn that Richard Karn really enjoys sweeping. He says, “I like sweeping. It’s an activity. It’s physical.” And Tim Allen doesn’t miss a beat. About halfway through the statement, you can tell Allen is cooking up some kind of barb.

After letting his costar finish, Allen says, “You live a pretty neat life that you consider sweeping an activity.”

Stuff like this is the real reason to tune into Assembly Required week after week. Sure, the builds are insanely cool. However, it’s the good-natured ribbing that comes from years of friendship that makes the show so good. You could see people build interesting things just about anywhere. YouTube is full of people making stuff. However, you’re not going to see this classic workshop duo tossing friendly jabs at one another anywhere else.

Watch Assembly Required

There are ten episodes completed for the first season of Assembly Required. The eighth episode airs tonight (Tuesday). However, if you’ve never watched the show or just want to catch up, you can do so online right now. Just head over to the History Channel website and you can watch select episodes of the show for free. Currently, the first three episodes, as well as last week’s installment, are available without signing into the site.

However, if you want to watch the latest episode of Assembly Required you’ll have to wait until tonight. The show airs on History at 10 pm ET every Tuesday. After it airs, you can watch it on-demand on the History website.