‘Assembly Required’: Tim Allen Drops Teaser for New Show Ahead of Series Premiere

by Jon D. B.

Mark your calendars, Assembly Required premieres Tuesday, Feb 23 – and Tim Allen & Richard Karn are back at their best in this exclusive teaser!

“What are YOU doing tomorrow night?” Tim Allen asks excitedly via Twitter. That’s right, Home Improvement & Last Man Standing fans – the time is finally upon us:

Assembly Required premieres tomorrow on HISTORY Channel! Mark your calendars for Tuesday, February 23 at 10/9 Central!

“I have my game-face on!” Richard Karn says to jumpstart the exclusive clip.

“No… you have a badminton face on,” Allen responds sarcastically.

Watch and laugh, indeed! HISTORY Channel totes the show as an epic reunion of the Home Improvement stars as each oversees the “craziest builds in history.”

Contestants will compete from their own workshops, Richard Karn narrates. In addition, Karn notes the judging will take place over two rounds. The victor, he says, will be chosen by a combination of “design, ingenuity, and functionality.”

Three master builders will go head-to-head for the first episode. The winner? Well, the winner walks away with a big ol’ cash prize – and the title of Master Craftsman!

“This is the pinnacle of your life!” Tim Allen lauds.

“Yeah, who’s dramatic?” Karn fires back. Oh, how we’ve missed these two together in the shop.

‘Assembly Required’ Promises to Satisfy ‘Last Man Standing’ & ‘Home Improvement’ Fans Alike

Home Improvement fans rejoice! Tim the Toolman Allan and ‘Al’ actor Richard Karn are together again. The two-decades-long friends are finally back together for good, and fans couldn’t be happier.

In addition, both stars have shared looks at themselves on set. Now, however, the premiere is only one night away! The two are executive producing their new competition show too. According to UPI.com, HISTORY Channel’s reality series will “showcase builders from across the U.S.”

 Home Improvement co-stars Tim Allen and Richard Karn are teaming up again to star in a new competition series on History, titled Assembly Required.

Assembly Required will showcase builders from across the United States as they compete against each other and rebuild everyday household items. Contestants will also be tasked with building the items back better.


“I’ve always admired people who repair something instead of replace it,” Tim Allen said upon announcing the show. “So, I created a competition show with HISTORY [channel] and my old buddy [Richard Karn], to challenge the people who love to get stuff done!”

And the rest, as their new channel would say – is HISTORY! Be sure to catch these two back at it in Assembly Required Tuesday, February 23 at 10/9 Central!