‘Assembly Required’ Star Tim Allen ‘Wouldn’t Do it That Way’ in Surprising Pic

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by David Buchan/Getty Images)

All-time comedy great Tim Allen is enjoying some downtime with his latest show, “Assembly Required” currently on hiatus.

“Assembly Required” has yet to be officially renewed by the History Channel for a second season but could be in the near future. The show’s social media pages remain active, engaging fans and showing off their stars, Tim Allen and Richard Karn.

The “Assembly Required” Twitter page often invites fans to participate in fun little games in order to keep them engaged. The social media account will often post pictures of the show’s two stars and ask fans to write a caption for the photo. The game generates some great responses that have drawn the laughter of even the staunches of social media users.

Earlier this week, the “Assembly Required” Twitter page put out an image of Tim Allen doing Tim Allen things. A legendary actor and funny man, it’s hard to even look at Allen with a straight face. The tweet’s caption harks back to Tim Allen’s first hit sitcom that turned him into a household name.

“Well I wouldn’t do it that way,” the Twitter post says. “It needs MORE POWER.”

The funny photo along with the hilarious caption drew a chuckle from several Twitter users and Tim Allen fans.

Tim Allen and Richard Karn Reunite for History Channel

“More power,” was, of course, Tim Allen’s catchphrase on the hit sitcom “Home Improvement” that aired in the 90s. On “Home Improvement,” Allen plays Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor, a bumbling tool expert obsessed with ratcheting up the power of household items. Richard Karn co-starred next to Allen as Taylor’s capable but bland assistant, Al Borland. Together, Taylor and Borland hosted a do-it-yourself talk show called “Tool Time.” Taylor would make mess after mess on the show while the level-headed Borland cleaned up after him. “Home Improvement” is an all-time sitcom classic and is one of the popular shows to grace our television screens.

Tim Allen and Richard Karn are now back together with “Assembly Required and they’ve not missed a beat. The two were quickly able to rekindle their comedic chemistry through the show, providing a real treat for “Home Improvement” fans. “Assembly Required” is a reality competition show that pits amateur builders against each other. Contestants on the show must create unusual inventions that are not found at your local hardware store. A shock-absorbent food tray and a reclining yard mowing machine are a few of the crazy machines contestants were tasked with in the first season.

Tim Allen and Richard Karn host the reality show and serve as judges for finished projects. They also provide comedic relief in spades, reminiscent of their “Home Improvement” days. Allen even went as far as to compare “Assembly Required” to a reality version of “Tool Time.”

With the show not yet renewed, Allen is getting back to his roots in standup comedy.