‘Assembly Required’: Here’s What Tim Allen Called His ‘Only Hesitation’ About Appearing on the Show

by Jacklyn Krol

Tim Allen revealed his one hesitation about taking the role on Assembly Required.

The legendary actor is known for his time on Home Improvement. He had one worry going into the show.

“My only hesitation was I didn’t want to embarrass myself,” Allen told The Wrap.

Despite Assembly Required not being live, Allen believes that it is “kind of a live version of ‘Tool Time.’”

“We’re very similar to the characters we play in that show,” Allen continued.

Richard Karn was thrilled to join the project. He has favorite aspects about builds.

“We don’t like to ask questions we don’t know the answers to,” Karn added. “My dad was a builder, my grandfather was a builder. I’ve always really respected that part of society.”

“Things break around the house and sometimes you don’t want to throw it away because it might be just a little, tiny thing that will fix it and it’ll work perfectly instead of going into a trash heap,” he continued. “We’ve all had forms of this kind of a show in our heads, but Tim was able to bring it to fruition.”

While Assembly Required is a competition, it does give fans nostalgia for the Home Improvement days.

‘Assembly Required’

While most television shows shut down due to the pandemic, Assembly Required prevailed. Despite the challenges, they were able to make it all work. Thanks to technology and willing participants. Tim Allen told  Parade Magazine that fans have Karn to thank for this. He wanted to make sure that he had someone to trust and someone who knew comedy and had good timing with one another. The duo were the perfect men for the job.

“Richard has helped me to do this,” Allen told the outlet. “It’s long days and it’s ad-libbed a lot, but not really. So it’s kind of a combination of television. It was really stressful for me because I come from stand-up, which is fully rehearsed. Theater, which is rehearsed. Movies, which is, of course, rehearsed. A sitcom is kind of rehearsed. I ad-lib quite a bit in mine, and this is a merging of all that.”

Karn and Allen appeared together virtually to each contestant on the reality competition show. The series features April Wilkerson who helps detail and break down each build. In the ten episodes, builders from across the nation compete at home updating household items. They have to not only rebuild items, but also improve them.

Although the History Channel has yet to confirm a Season 2 of Assembly Required, fans are hopeful. The official Twitter account recently asked the network if they have a deal for a second season. If you need to catch up, the entire full episodes are now available on the History Channel’s website and on-demand with select television providers.