‘Back to the Future,’ ‘Indiana Jones,’ and Others Leaving Netflix in December 2020

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Murray Close/Getty Images)

If you’re looking to binge some classic 80s action-adventure movies on Netflix, you should do it soon.

Several titles are soon leaving the streaming platform to make room for a slew of new shows and movies. Among those titles are the classic franchises Back to the Future and Indiana Jones.

Classics Leaving Netflix

“Back to the Future” and “Indiana Jones” aren’t the only classic 80s films leaving the streaming giant next month. The list also includes comedy and horror greats “Airplane!” and “Poltergeist”.

Each of these films has left its mark on the entertainment landscape. Even if you haven’t seen the films, you know the references. Their effect on cinema is almost universal. One would be hard-pressed not to think of time travel when seeing a DeLorean. For many, bullwhips are forever inked to Harrison Ford’s intrepid explorer. “Airplane!” and “Poltergeist” have also become cultural touchstones, transcending their genres.

There are several cult favorites that will be leaving the streaming service as well. Films like “Fargo”, the “Ip Man” franchise, and “Session 9” are among those on the way out.

TV Series Leaving in Late December

Great films aren’t the only things leaving Netflix in the coming weeks.

Many popular TV shows will also be getting the boot to make room for new arrivals. “Gossip Girl”, “Dexter”, and “The Office” are leaving the platform in December. So, if you were looking forward to watching these shows, now would be a good time to start binging them.

You won’t need your own DeLorean time machine to catch most of these titles before they leave Netflix. Many of the classics won’t be leaving the service until December 31st, PopCulture reports.