Barack Obama Celebrates Release of ‘Our Great National Parks’ on Netflix, Encourages Wildlife Conservation

by Clayton Edwards

In the United States, we have hundreds of National Parks. Our fellow Outsiders know the unique majesty that each one of those parks holds. However, the US isn’t the only country to set aside large swathes of unspoiled protected wilderness. In the new Netflix documentary series, Our Great National Parks, Barack Obama takes viewers on a journey through some of the world’s most magnificent parks.

Barack Obama served as the narrator and executive producer on Our Great National Parks. However, this isn’t just an example of a former president lending his voice and image to a production. Instead, it sees Obama sharing his passion for the conservation of the world’s wildlife as well as its natural beauty.

Barack Obama Shares His Excitement for Our Great National Parks

The five-episode documentary series hit Netflix on April 13th. Obama took to Twitter to share his excitement about Our Great National Parks and shared how excited he was for everyone to see the show. He added that the series “takes a look at the legacy of preservation and conservation as well as the ways we can protect our amazing wildlife and natural resources,” which is something I think we can all get behind. Additionally, the former president shared the trailer for the series.

In the video clip, Barack Obama introduces Our Great National Parks by saying, “Wild spaces are where we can connect with ourselves, our families, and something greater than us. This year, we’ll all have a chance to experience them up close.” Then, he invites viewers to join him “as we explore some of the most extraordinary national parks on the planet.”

As he speaks, we see snippets of stunning footage of exotic wildlife and breathtaking views of unspoiled natural beauty from around the world.

Obama on Conservation

The natural beauty of the world’s national parks is enough to sell us on checking out the new series. However, Barack Obama shared the larger goal of Our Great National Parks in a follow-up tweet. The former president announced that he and the team behind the series are partnering with the Wildlife Conservation Society. They hope to “encourage folks to not only experience nature, but also take action to protect our environment and wildlife for generations to come.” Then, he directed his followers to for more information.

Wild for All: A Campaign to Preserve the Natural World

Wild for All is a campaign spearheaded by Barack Obama, his production company Higher Ground, the WCS, and Freeborn Impact, but they and Our Great National Parks are only part of the campaign. The people around the world who step up and join in are the key to its success. Wild for All urges everyone to get out and experience and work to preserve the natural world that is right outside their door. “Nature isn’t something that only happens on the other side of the world,” the Wild for All website notes. “It’s all around us. It IS us. That’s easy to forget, and sometimes we need reminding.”

Wild for All helps get people started exploring and preserving nature. The heart of this is the Wild for All Challenge. “When you sign up for the Wild for All Challenge, you’ll have fun exploring nature’s wonders – some so close they’re right outside your home. You’ll learn simple steps you can take every day to help protect nature and wild spaces. When you take the steps, you can compete for prizes.”

By completing steps and competing in challenges, you’re working to preserve the Great Outdoors. At the same time, you could win some great prizes. Those prizes include “gift bundles to enjoy the wild wherever you are and annual passes to National Park and Federal Recreation lands.”