Barbra Streisand Speaks Out About Inauguration, Discusses ‘Sense of Hope’

by Katie Maloney

Vocal superstar and musical icon, Barbra Streisand shared her support for President Elect Joe Biden during a recent interview.

As the inauguration approaches, celebrities are opening up about their feelings towards the new President. Streisand has openly supported Biden for months. She even participated in a virtual concert for Biden over the summer. In an article on the influence of celebrity in government elections, Variety highlighted Streisand’s most recent thoughts on President Biden.

“The inauguration of Joe Biden restores my sense of hope for a better 2021. He and his team will work to halt the pandemic and rebuild the economy. He will also restore a sense of decency and dignity to the White House,” says Streisand.

How Do Barbra Streisand And Other Celebrities Influence Government?

For as long as both government and celebrity have existed, the two have worked together in interesting ways. Sometimes the collaborations involved creating commercials that supported specific agendas. Other times, projects called viewers to support citizens after a natural disaster. Either way, celebrities have historically been counted on to appeal to both parties when a singular politician could not. However, in recent years, the divide between parties has become so great, that using one celebrity to appeal to both sides of a debate has become almost impossible.

But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, the change in the influence of the celebrity has shifted from promoting a particular candidate to raising awareness around a specific issue. Former Miramax executive, Matthew Hiltzik, shares his thoughts on the shift.

“Times have changed, and the definition and importance of celebrities has evolved over the past four years,” says Hiltzik. “They are better at raising awareness of underrepresented people,” he continues. “It’s a real opportunity.”

Although celebrity influence may be changing, that doesn’t mean they won’t participate in historic government events.

According to reports, Lady Gaga will perform the national anthem at the inauguration on January 20. Additionally, on the night of the inauguration, Tom Hanks will be hosting a primetime TV special called Celebrating America. Artists including Justin Timberlake, Demi Lovato, Bon Jovi, and Ant Clemons will perform during the special.

Although Streisand isn’t scheduled to perform, she’ll be celebrating from afar. She recently congratulated Biden on his election win via a Facebook post. She shared a clip of herself performing her song, “Happy Days Are Here Again.” Along with the clip, Streisand wrote, “Congratulations to Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and our beloved country. Honesty and integrity won out! Happy Days are indeed HERE AGAIN!”