Bear Brown Uploads Adorable Pic with Family, Says They’re What Is Getting Him Through Loss of Billy Brown

by Quentin Blount

The son of Alaskan Bush People patriarch Billy Brown, Bear Brown, shared an adorable photo of his family with his fans on Monday afternoon.

It’s been a tough road without a doubt for Bear Brown in the wake of his father’s death. He and his family are continuing to work through the sudden death of the beloved Billy Brown.

However, Bear Brown often takes to his Instagram page to share how he is feeling with his fans. And if his post from Monday is any indication, it would seem that Bear and his family are getting better day by day.

The Alaskan Bush People star shared a cute picture of his family and gives the credit to them for helping him through such a dark time in his life. In the photo, Bear Brown can be seen smiling alongside his fiancee, Raiven, and son, River.

“I love these two SO much, I don’t know what I’d do without them!!!” Brown captions his post on Instagram. “It’s helped me a lot to have Raiven by my side in this difficult time! And River’s priceless smiles always melts my heart! Much love ❤️.”

For those who are unable to view the latest post from Bear Brown, you can request to follow his private account on Instagram.

Bear Brown Working Through the Death of His Father

As we all know too well, the death of a loved one is one of the hardest things in life to overcome. And it has no doubt been a tough road for Bear Brown and his family since the passing of Alaskan Bush People star Billy Brown after he passed away back on February 8 following having a seizure at his home. But Brown’s wilderness legacy will live on through his children and grandchildren.

In fact, Bear Brown has been extremely grateful for the fact that his son River was able to meet his grandpa. He has made multiple tributes to his late father since his death, but perhaps none were more touching than when he describes introducing his own son to Billy Brown.

“I’m glad my Dad got to meet my son, his grandson. I will always remember the twinkle in his eyes when he held him!” Brown wrote in the post. “Hold tight to your loved ones! You never know when it’s the last moment you’ll get with them!”

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