Bear Grylls Drops Some ‘Serious Monday Motivation’ for Fans With Wild Video

by Madison Miller

“If you risk nothing you gain nothing,” Bear Grylls once said during an episode of his popular show, “Man vs. Wild.”

As one of the most popular outdoorsmen ever, Grylls has long been dropping motivational lines and giving out lifesaving advice for facing all the challenges of the natural wild world.

Additionally, from notable public figures like Zac Efron or even President Barack Obama to devoted Discovery Channel watchers, Grylls is an unignorable voice. And on social media, he’s just as motivational.

Grylls Shout Out To Extreme Outdoorsman

He shared a bit of #MotivationMonday news today for all his followers. This time it’s not Grylls himself facing the challenges of the wild, but it’s instead an equally inspiring person.

“Here’s some serious #MondayMotivation for you. Ian is currently 57 days into his solo North Atlantic Crossing Raising funds for the SAS Regimental Association. He’s shown incredible resilience having already encountered Force 10 winds, 16 storms including 6 days on the para anchor going backward. You are an inspiration Ian and huge respect to you,” Grylls wrote on Instagram.

Ian Rivers is a former SAS soldier who has faced great challenges and accomplishments during his life so far. He has sailed oceans and climbed mountains. Additionally, he was also kidnapped in Syria. However, Rivers was able to escape using only his knowledge of the wild to help him get out.

Starting in May 2021, Rivers set out to row unsupported across the North Atlantic only using a sextant and charts as a way of navigation.

No one has completed an unsupported solo trip from New York to the Isles of Scilly yet. It’s 3,100 miles of pure human endurance and resilience. His mission is to raise money for the Special Air Service Regimental Association and St Michael’s Hospice in Hereford. He wants to spread the word on mental health issues that grip the veteran community tightly.

You can actually track his location on his official site to follow along on the epic rowing trip.

Bear Grylls Movie

However, Bear Grylls wants to expand beyond his television show. Besides several of his outdoor survival-themed shows and his continued presence in the outdoor lifestyle world, Grylls is actively taking on different roles in the entertainment world.

Bear Grylls’ production company, The Natural Studios, is working on its very first scripted movie. It is a contemporary reworking of “The Count of Monte Cristo.”

According to Deadline, Francis Annan is the director. Additionally, Natural Studios, which produces “Into The Wild With Bear Grylls,” will produce the movie.

“The movie will focus on the friendship and bitter rivalry that develops between two special forces soldiers who are sent to war in Afghanistan,” as Deadline explains it.