Bear Grylls Gets Fans Hyped for New ‘Interactive Adventure Movie’ Premiering on Netflix in September

by Madison Miller

The ultimate outdoor survivalist, Bear Grylls, is gearing up and getting excited to share his all-new project.

Grylls is famous for his TV shows like “Man vs. Wild” and “Running Wild with Bear Grylls.” Due to his notoriety as one of the most well-known adventurers and survivalists, Grylls continues to get opportunities to share his outdoor wisdom with the world.

The adventurer recently shared on Instagram, “Can’t wait to share with you our latest @netflix interactive adventure MOVIE with you! ‘OUT COLD!’ Premieres September 14th. Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime!”

His new movie is part of the “You vs. Wild” series. It’s titled “You vs. Wild: Out Cold” and launches Tuesday, September 14.

According to TV Insider, viewers will follow Bear as he undergoes a terrifying experience in the outdoors. He just survived a plane crash amidst icy mountains and is suffering from amnesia due to the crash. Alongside the pilot, Bear must get himself out of the harsh elements and to safety using whatever means necessary.

If you’re a fan of Bear Grylls, you know those limits can be pretty extreme — from drinking his own urine from inside a snake’s skin to crawling inside a dead camel to eating a yak’s eyeball.

“Out Cold” is supposed to be an interactive experience for viewers. Grylls will face rock walls, dark tunnels, and wild creatures in his freezing and dangerous experience. Viewers must help Bear make it to safety and they can do so in any way they please. For example, the film’s runtime can range from 25 to 45 minutes depending on the choices the viewer makes.

Netflix has been promoting the exciting new feature ahead of its release as well. The streaming platform showed a picture of Grylls with a long beard, a lantern, and all his gear. This is the third project with Netflix so far. It will join “You vs. Wild” from 2019 and “Animals on the Loose: A You vs. Wild Movie” from 2021.

Bear Grylls Show Nominated for an Emmy

National Geographic has a total of 13 Emmy nominations this year. That includes “Genius: Aretha,” “City So Real,” “Life Below Zero,” “Secrets of the Whales,” “Rebuilding Paradise,” and “Running Wild with Bear Grylls.”

Since news of the nominations, National Geographic had announced plans to hold a two-day Emmy showcase. However, due to rising cases of COVID-19 in the U.S., this was not able to happen.

The event was going to include discussions with some of the nominees as well as several other events. Nat Geo is looking into doing virtual elements for the Emmy celebration instead.

“Out of an abundance of caution, we are canceling our Nat Geo Emmy Showcase event that was scheduled for this Saturday, August 14 and Sunday, August 15 at Century City Mall. While we are disappointed to have to cancel for this weekend, we hope to schedule a future event where we can celebrate our Emmy nominees. Thank you for understanding,” the network said in a statement, according to Variety.