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Bear Grylls Gives Adrenaline-Pumping Look at Upcoming Discovery Plus Show ‘Into the Wild’

by Kati Michelle
(Photo by David Cheskin - PA Images/PA Images via Getty Images)

While many of us hunkered down to the comfort of our own couch, Bear Grylls spent the past year BASE jumping and founding a new Scouting program for the younger kiddos. I guess that’s why he’s stayed one of the world’s resident outdoorsmen after all these years. We’re mere weeks away from the 15th anniversary of Bear’s “Man vs. Wild” debut back on October 27th of 2006.

Lucky for those fans, Grylls has something new up his sleeve. In a recent Instagram post, he gave an adrenaline-pumping look at his upcoming Discovery Plus show “Into the Wild.” We’re sharing that incredible ocean footage with our Outsiders right here.

Bear Grylls Dives Right In

“Into the Wild” premieres on Discovery Plus in India on October 22nd, with the US release just a few days later on the 25th. The show sees Bear Grylls alongside another daredevil, Ajay Devgn. A dramatic first look shares their escapades together surrounding the Indian Ocean. The duo embarks on a journey to survive a desert island and swim with the sharks. Devgn warns “it’s not just a game bro!” As with his “Man vs. Wild” past, this show is sure to offer up some insane conditions, brutal to anyone untrained or unskilled in the Art of Survival.

Catch the two “bravehearts” with their “expert mode on” here:

“Earth, Sky, Water– it’s fierce, it’s unforgiving,” states the narration of Grylls’ teaser. The Discovery Network actually posted a slew of teaser photos themselves afterward, having some fun with the duo’s names. “How will the lion react, when he meets the #Bear?” they ask. They continue on to describe the show, saying “Fun, adventure, and struggle await Bollywood’s lion @ajaydevgn on his trip to the unknown with adventurer @beargrylls.”

The pair leave fans with one last question: “Will they make it out of the island in one piece? “

Swimming With the Sharks

Bear Grylls isn’t new to the world of scuba diving, or sharks for that matter. He actually runs a pretty active YouTube channel detailing some of his favorite adventures over the years. One of his most recent videos recounts the time he went for a dive with world-famous conservationist, James Glancy.

Together, the two pals gear up and dive into the waters of the Bahamas in the hopes of collecting research. They also team up with Shark Behaviorologist Cristina Zenato. Throughout her 20 year career, Zenato has developed a special relationship with sharks in the area. She’s credited with removing hooks from tons of them to increase their quality of life.

The trio runs into all sorts of spark species, including what appears to be hammerheads. You can catch the adventure for yourself right here: