Bear Grylls Lives Life to the Extreme in Base Jumping Video

by Kati Michelle
(Photo by Anthony Devlin/PA Images via Getty Images)

Beloved outdoorsman and adrenaline-hunter Bear Grylls is back at it testing the limits of what man can really do. A “Man vs. Wild” adventure, if you will. The survivalist has braved deserts and forests far and wide. This time, however, he thought “what could be more fun than jumping thousands of feet off a cliff?” We’ve got the nail-biting clip for you down below. And spoiler alert– the parachute does deploy and Bear Grylls looks totally bad-ass despite his own apprehensions leading up to the jump.

Bear Grylls Faces His Fears

If you’ve never heard of Base Jumping, here’s a quick little breakdown. It basically means jumping off a high, fixed point versus jumping out of an airplane or other aviation vehicle. BASE refers to the different categories of jumpable points: buildings, antennae, spans, and earth. In this case, Bear Grylls chose the latter, jumping off some natural (and very intimidating) cliffs. Part of his Instagram caption explains his strategy for building up the nerve to execute stunts like this.

“I always talk myself through scary stuff first, then commit and go… #base #adventure #nevergiveup #love

The comments on his post are worth sharing, too. The general consensus seems to be that people would rather leave the base jumping and survivalist stunts to Grylls than participate themselves.

@franbath writes: “Yea…. That’s a no from me 😂”

Some even likened him to clandestine master James Bond.

After posting the impressive base jump, Grylls also added to his Instagram Story. Here, he offered some motivation referencing a campfire. He asked fans if they “need any fire inside today” and followed that up with a heartfelt “you’ve got this!”

‘Never Give Up’ Book Pre-Sale Goes Live

You might not know that the outdoorsman is actually a best-selling author as well. His website shows a whole slew of books to his name with novels aimed at a whole range of age groups. He says he writes books because “it’s important to take time out of our busy lives to unwind and be still.” From an Instagram preview earlier this week, it looks like another memoir is set to join his library soon.

Grylls shared the moment he received the first hardback copy of the work titled “Never Give Up.” Here’s what he said in the caption of the snap: “First moments opening the first edition hardback of NEVER GIVE UP… Who do you know who would love some of these stories?! Link up bio for pre-orders 👊🏼 #adventure #nevergiveup

From the preview, we also caught a first look at some of the chapter titles. They explore topics like the “Snake Bite Survivors Club” and “Faith to Move Mountains.” You can check it out below: