Bear Grylls Makes Major Announcement About His ‘Journey’ That’s Been ‘Ten Years in the Making’

by Joe Rutland

When Bear Grylls makes a big announcement, one that his many followers and fans have been waiting for, then it’s a big deal.

On Friday, Grylls went on Instagram and announced that his new autobiography, “Never Give Up,” will be released on Oct. 28. The book, though, is available for pre-ordering right now.

Take a look at what Bear Grylls posted online for the world to see.

On the post, Grylls wrote, “This has been ten years in the making, but finally I’m so proud to reveal the cover of my new autobiography: Never Give Up, out [at the] end of October.

“From Man Vs Wild to Running Wild, from behind the scenes on adventures with President Obama and Prime Minister Modi, to the Royal Marines and The Scouts and so much more… I’ve wanted to share these stories with you all for so long!” Bear Grylls wrote.

“Thank you for being part of my journey.”

For Bear Grylls, he’s had some high-profile people show up on his “Running Wild with Bear Grylls” show. They include Channing Tatum, Ben Stiller, Kate Winslet, Kate Hudson, President Barack Obama, Micahel B. Jordan, and others.

Bear Grylls Opened New ‘Running Wild’ Season With Bobby Bones, Fiancé

When the latest season of “Running Wild with Bear Grylls” opened up in January, he didn’t just have one guest but two on the show.

See, Grylls decided to stretch beyond having one person as a guest on his show. He decided to have pairs on there this season. So he had country music talk-show host Bobby Bones and his fiance’ Caitlin Parker as the new season’s first guests.

This wasn’t the first time for Bones to be on Grylls’ show, though. He appeared last season alone. But this time, he had Parker along for the journey. They were the first couple to be on the show.

While Bones and his fiance’ had their own experience, former race car driver Danica Patrick definitely had her own back in April.

Patrick has had to conquer all-new challenges since retiring from racing. She appeared on Grylls’ show. Fans know he is very serious about what he does. He might drink his own pee. He might crawl into a dead camel’s carcass. Then, he might eat a moose heart or live snake.

Bear Grylls knows how to get wild with the wildest forms of nature. Patrick was pushed to her limits in the National Geographic show.

Patrick snacked on a scorpion. She also went rock climbing, sky diving, ate strange foods, zip-lined, and went in search of Bear. Patrick said the episode caused a “new expansion” of her previous comfort zone