Bear Grylls Taps Julia Roberts and More A-Listers for New Film Aimed at Inspiring Kids

by Kati Michelle

We’re here to talk about Bear. No, not the ones overtaking towns like Lake Tahoe amidst the wildfires in the West. We’re here to talk about Grylls. Bear Grylls. Earlier this week, the “Man vs. Wild” star announced the launch of a new Scout program for 4 and 5-year-olds called the “Squirrel Scouts.” Essentially, the program looks to encourage children in the curiosity of their learning pursuits as well as the appreciation of nature and the great outdoors. It seems he’s really leaning into the mentorship role because he’s back again with another treat for the kiddos. This time Bear Grylls enlisted the help of some of his A-List pals like Julia Roberts, Channing Tatum, Courteney Cox, and even astronaut Tim Peake. They banded together to create an inspiring short film. Keep reading to find out what it’s about.

Bear Grylls Launches “BecomingX” and “Lessons from Legends”

BecomingX is an education platform co-launched by Bear Grylls and Paul Gurney in the hopes of advocating for self-development. Gurney tells the UK’s Independent “in a world where it appears that willful ignorance is gaining the upper hand, education has never been more important.” The site operates under the slogan “Greatness isn’t born, it’s learned.” It directs users to a bunch of different tools and resources. There’s a library stocked with psychological and neuroscientific research, workshops, interactive maps, etc. The cinema section also features short films like the newly released “Lessons from Legends.”

Bear Grylls told UK’s Express: “Success is so rarely the result of talent or academic performance – it’s really about equipping yourself with the right attitudes and skills, learning how to bring people on your side, and about never giving up.”

He continued on.

“This past year has been incredibly challenging for students and teachers alike, so myself and the BecomingX team wanted to show our support for them as they embark on a new academic year.”

Many inspirational figureheads join the video to offer up their own advice. There are Paralympians, actors, actresses, hockey goalies, CEOs, and astronauts amongst other notable titles. Each person in the video gained some kind of notable success within their own field and carved out a name for themselves. They’re here to inspire the next generation to do the same.

If you’ve been lacking motivation lately and need a little pick-me-up, you can watch the full clip here:

Scout’s Honor

Inspiring people is just what Bear Grylls does. His heavy involvement with the Scouts is proof of that. In a past video, Grylls dove into the scout values that he holds nearest and dearest to his heart. He says friendship is one of the greatest powers out there because it can transcend things like race, class, and status. He also talks about the importance of staying humble. Still, the most powerful parts of the video come directly from the kids he works with. Two of the younger scouts actually saved their grandma’s life.

To hear more stories like that, you can watch the clip in full here:

At the end of the day, kids really are the future. It’s nice to see someone of Bear Grylls’ status looking out for them and really paving the way for their success. That’s something we at Outsider can get behind.