Beijing Olympics: Brianna Decker Shares Heartfelt Message After Brutal Injury

by Anna Dunn

Women’s Hockey Star Brianna Decker has sent out a heartfelt message to fans following a brutal injury just as the Beijing Olympics were getting started. Now, Decker has to hear her team on from the sidelines.

During the Team’s opener, decker had to be stretchered off the ice. According to the Associated Press, the Hockey Player wound up breaking her ankle. The American’s played their first game against the Russian Olympic committee without Decker, breathing the team 5-0.

Following the Game, Decker sent out a heartfelt message via Instagram with a photo of her in a cast.

Decker started out her message by thanking all of the concerned fans for their messages over the past few days. She apologized for not being able to get back to everyone and expressed gratitude for all the well wishes. Ut has to be incredibly difficult not to be able to compete. But she’s taking it all in stride. And she’s reassuring people that she’s going to be okay.

Decker says She is in ‘Good Hands’ At The Beijing Olympics

Decker has a good team looking after her. And thankfully has been able to be surrounded by her team and their support as well.

“I would like everyone to know that I am in good hands and have an incredible staff that is taking great care of me. Being surrounded by my sisters is exactly where I want and need to be and know that the road to recovery has already begun due to their friendship and the significant love we share as a team,” she wrote.

And even if she doesn’t get to play with the team, she’s incredibly grateful to get to be with them as they continue on their Olympic journey.

“I am excited to remain here with the team and help any imaginable way to help to accomplish the original goal what we have set out to achieve!” she continued.

Finally, Decker sent out a sweet message to her family and back home, who are wishing her well and hearing on the Women’s hockey team.

“Thank you to my family here and back home in the USA, and thank you to the fans across the globe cheering us on,” she wrote. “We can hear your cheers echoing throughout Beijing. Hand me a clipboard, it’s time to get back to work with my girls. Let’s go USA!!”

If you want to watch the Beijing Olympics, you can tune in to NBC at virtually any time, with the primetime coverage airing at 8/7 Central.