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‘Being the Ricardos’ Cast Recalled ‘Shouting’ During Table Read Atop a Windy Parking Garage

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Rich Polk/Getty Images for Deadline)

The long-awaited Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz biopic Being the Ricardos is just days away from premiering. The film was shot during some mighty difficult times in 2020, as each one of the film’s actors and developers faced challenges as the pandemic took over the world.

Being the Ricardos was shot over an eight-week period while making sure to keep in mind the COVID-19 guidelines that were a major part of our daily lives at the time.

In fact, members of the film’s cast and crew recall one particularly challenging table read early in the production of the movie.

This table read took place on the roof of a parking garage, while the actors were all wearing masks.

“Everybody shouted so we could be heard,” remembers Being the Ricardos director Aaron Sorkin of the unusual table read.

An Unusual Start For A Major Film

The actor who portrays Desi Arnaz in the upcoming film remembers the unusual nature of this rehearsal as well.

“Those intimate scenes,” says Javier Bardem of the chaotic moment.

“Screaming out, ‘I love you so much!’” the actor jokes. “What was that?”

Bardem’s costar, Nicole Kidman agrees with her on-screen husband in this area.

The Lucille Ball actress notes that there were some intense moments core to the film’s most intimate moments that were a little hard to perform on the windy rooftop while wearing masks.

“‘Are you cheating on me?!! Are you cheating on me?!!'” Kidman says in her best Lucille Ball voice replaying the intense moment during the rehearsal.

‘Being the Ricardos’ Recounts The Intense Relationship Between Two Talented Performers

Aaron Sorkin focused on highlighting some major moments in the lives of the iconic Hollywood couple Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz in the upcoming biopic.

These plot points focus on the couple’s history-making careers. First, in the hit sitcom series, I Love Lucy, and later in a variety of other productions through their own Hollywood studio.

Additionally, Aaron Sorkin focuses on many personal conflicts the couple faced such as Lucille Ball being accused of being a communist. This, of course, could have completely ended the couple’s career at the time.

The film follows a week-in-the-life of the couple as they film a new episode of I Love Lucy from start to finish.

“There were these wonderful points of friction,” Aaron Sorkin says of the upcoming film.

“There are three big events,” the director continues.

“They didn’t happen in the same week,” Sorkin adds. “But I made them happen in the same week for the sake of our film.”