‘Being the Ricardos’ Featured As Part of Amazon’s December Highlights

by Maggie Schneider
(Photo by Rich Polk/Getty Images for Deadline)

Lucille Ball’s story in “Being the Ricardos” is one of Amazon Prime Video’s highlights for December. The movie is certain to be a smash.

December is the perfect month to watch movies. Sitting by the fire and enjoying a glass of eggnog go perfectly with a new film on Amazon Prime Video. Starring Nicole Kidman, “Being the Ricardos” is a must-see this season. The streaming platform thinks so too.

Telling the story of the actress’ life both on and off-screen, the new film is directed by Aaron Sorkin. Although parts of the biopic are tweaked to suit the screen, the emotions and major life events of Lucille Ball remain authentic. Nicole Kidman stuns viewers in her portrayal of the role, looking gorgeous in the movie’s press materials. However, Kidman does not obsess overlooking the part. She obsesses over inhabiting Ball’s power and confidence.

“It was my obsession to get it absolutely accurate,” Kidman says. “It was [writer/director Aaron Sorkin’s] obsession to have this human being portrayed — what’s behind the creation of Lucy Ricardo, and who is the woman behind this character?”

Kidman’s performance in “Being the Ricardos” is also already receiving Oscar buzz. Vulture predicts the movie being in the race for “Best Picture” and “Best Actress” nominations, among others.

“Un-embargoed awards prognosticators have lavished the film with praise,” Vulture says. Boasting a nuts-and-bolts look at sitcom craft, a splashy central performance, and that familiar Sorkin blend of patter and politics, Being the Ricardos should play well with the Academy’s MSNBC contingent.”

The outlet also goes on to praise Kidman’s work as Lucille Ball.

“She’s both the goofy TV star Lucy and the steely producer Lucille, and the contrast between the two serves as the film’s most effective drama. I predict she’ll be a threat in this race.”

More of Amazon’s December Highlights

Alongside the Lucille Ball story, Amazon Prime Video shares more highlights on their list. Viewers are excited to see action movies “The Protege” and “Encounter” listed. “The Protege” follows Samuel L. Jackson and Maggie Q as assassins. Q’s character avenges the death of her father figure. The action-packed thriller turns deadly. It premieres Friday, December 3rd.

“Encounter” tells the story of a decorated Marine “that goes on a rescue mission to save his two young sons from a mysterious threat.” Containing elements of science fiction, the movie includes a star-studded cast featuring Octavia Spencer and Riz Ahmed. It releases Friday, December 10th.

Amazon’s list also includes 30 titles, all ranging in genre and subject. But these include some new television series as well! Take a look this holiday season and don’t miss the streaming platform’s original content. Grab that eggnog from the fridge and also make this month your movie month.