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‘Being the Ricardos’ Star Javier Bardem Torn Between Nicole Kidman and Wife Penelope Cruz for Best Actress Oscar

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic)

Being the Ricardos leading man Javier Bardem has a tough decision to make this Oscar season. Should he root for his on-screen wife, Nicole Kidman—or his real-life wife, Penelope Cruz?

Both actresses are up for Best Actress of the Year. Kidman was nominated for her role of Lucille Ball opposite Bardem. And Cruz was shortlisted for her part in Parallel Mothers.

While having two of your favorite women up for the most coveted award in Hollywood isn’t the worst problem in the world, it does cause some issues for the actor. It was hard for him to choose between his own movie and his wife of 12 years.

But in the end, Javier Bardem decided that both of the A-list starlets get his vote.

“I think both did a fantastic job,” Bardem told Deadline. ” But Penelope did something extraordinary because she’s nominated for the second time for a role in Spanish—that’s really historic. Of course, I am rooting for her.”

He continued, “and I’m also rooting for Nicole. We had an amazing time working together. I’m rooting for Penelope…and then I’m also rooting for Nicole. It makes sense.”

The ‘Being the Ricardos’ Actor Is Also up for an Oscar, but His Wife’s Nomination Brought Him ‘the Most Happiness’

Because Nicole Kidman and Penelope Cruz are successful, confident women, they’re happy to share the nomination. And they also don’t mind sharing Bardem’s vote. But when it comes to Bardem and Cruz, they weren’t comfortable celebrating a nomination unless they both got an Oscar nod. And spoiler alert—they both did.

Javier Bardem is also on the list of Academy Award hopefuls this year. And he remembers exactly where he was when he heard the news.

He and Cruz were “cuddled together” on their couch waiting for the Academy to release the names. And Bardem’s nomination came first. But the house was still until his better half was also announced.

“I was very excited,” he said about leaning he was on the list for his part in Being the Ricardos. ” But it wasn’t a true celebration until we heard she was also nominated. We would not be able to truly celebrate together if one of us was disappointed. As soon as her nomination came through, we really felt the emotion of what this all means. This really hit us deep in our hearts to be able to share something so beautiful and so special together.”

And while the No Country For Old Men actor is thrilled to have the chance to snag a golden trophy, his joy is overshadowed. All that matters to him is his wife’s success and happiness—swoon.

‘To speak of my nomination, it’s truly an honor and a privilege to be recognized,” he added. ” But it’s her nomination that brings me the most happiness.”