‘Being the Ricardos’ Star Nicole Kidman On Feeling Like Her Acting Career Was Over

by Samantha Whidden

Although her acting career is constantly successful, Being the Ricardos star Nicole Kidman admits she had previously felt her acting days were actually over. 

During a recent interview with the Just for Variety podcast, the Meet the Ricardos actress shared there have been some bumps in the road in regards to her career. “I had that sort of in my early thirties where I was like, ‘Right, I think this is kind of going to be it. And then I had it again at 40. And I’ve run that gamut where you just go, ‘Now’s the time that I’m going to be put out to pasture.’”

However, the Meet the Ricardos star explains that it wasn’t about losing fame that she was worried about. But rather, it was about not doing what she loves. “That feels at times like… gut-wrenching. And then going, ‘Okay, well I got to find other things that interest me that I love.’ That’s the journey of life, isn’t it? And then suddenly going, ‘This has blossomed… or this has opened up. And now I have this chance to do something.’ So it’s always been like this. And I know it will always be like that. I’m on the ride.”

Nicole Kidman Opens Up About Her ‘Being the Ricardos’ Character Lucille Ball 

While continuing to chat with the podcast, Nicole Kidman opens about the success of her Being the Ricardos character, Lucille Ball. After losing her contract with RKO Pictures, Ball went on to get her career by doing a hit radio show.

“She turns that failure into success. Which then leads to [I Love Lucy],” Kidman states. “[This] then leads to her being able to say, ‘You give Desi this job.’ And the only reason he’s not a movie star is because he’s Cuban. And I’m going to advocate for him to get it. Because he deserves it. Not because he is my husband. But because he’s so talented. And we are great together.”

Kidman goes on to explain that the Meet the Ricardos story is about watching a person who just survives and moves into the greatest period of her life. Eventually, reality collides and all the other events happen as well. 

Nicole Kidman Talks Other Film Projects Besides ‘Meet the Ricardos’ 

Meanwhile, Nicole Kidman discusses other film projects she is working on besides Meet the Ricardos. This includes Robert Eggers’ upcoming action film The Northman. Kidman recalls doing the filming in Northern Ireland and the shooting was extremely cold and extremely muddy. However, she’s not complaining what’s so ever about it. “I loved it! I arrived on the mountain and was like, ‘Rrrrrraaaah!’ I thought I’d be blown over by the wind, but I was like, ‘Rrrrrraaaah!’ It felt good.”