‘Being the Ricardos’ Star Nicole Kidman Opens Up About One of Her Biggest Regrets: ‘I Wish I Had More Children’

by Taylor Cunningham

Nicole Kidman has made quite the career for herself. The 54-year-old is a Hollywood A-lister, model, and producer. On top of that, she’s won countless awards—including an Oscar. But in a recent interview, Kidman got personal. She says she wishes she had a bigger family.

“I wish I’d had more children, but I wasn’t given that choice,” she told Marie Claire Australia. “I would’ve loved 10 kids.”

The Being Ricardos star is a mother of four. Nicole Kidman shares two children with her husband, country singer Keith Urban. And she also adopted two children with her ex-husband, Tom Cruise.

Kidman has always prioritized her children over her career. She recently spoke to Radio Times about how painful it was to leave her children behind when she filmed her new Hulu original, Nine Perfect Strangers. Because of the ongoing pandemic, she wasn’t able to take her young daughters, Sunday and Faith, to Australia. 

However, Nicole isn’t focusing on her regrets. Instead, she’s celebrating the other children in her life, whom she loves dearly. “I have six nieces and nephews, and I’m godmother to 12. I love mothering.”

She continued by adding: “I love kids: they’re quirky, funny, and unfiltered. And then you get to see them grow and send them on their way.”

Nicole Kidman Shows Off Beautiful Blonde Curls

Nicole Kidman is a beauty icon for many. Her flawless, ageless skin and classic fashion sense land her on the covers of top magazines every year. So it’s no surprise that her new hairstyle made headlines.

Kidman released a video ahead of the Nine Perfect Stranger premiere this past Wednesday.

“Hi everyone, I’m Nicole Kidman. I play Masha on Nine Perfect Strangers,” she says. And even though she talks about her new show, which includes names such as Melissa McCarthy and Michael Shannon, it’s her hair that caught our attention.

In the Instagram post, Nicole’s enviable strawberry blonde hair is falling in loose cascading curls. The style looks effortlessly beachy.

Blossom Films, Nicole’s own company, produced Nine Perfect Strangers. The eerie mystery is based on the New York Times bestselling book by Liane Moriarty. In the show, Nicole Kidman plays Masha, a mental health guru with a questionable past. Nine strangers join her wellness program and soon realize Masha may not have their best interests in mind.

Fan’s Are Not Happy About Kidman’s Recent Trip

Fans of Nicole Kidman are not happy about her latest trip to Hong Kong. With COVID travel restrictions starting to tighten again, Nicole received a quarantine waver to film her new series. The Expats.

In Hong Kong, travelers must quarantine in a hotel for 21 days—no matter what their vaccination status is. But when photos of Kidman shopping dropped a mere two days after arriving in the city, fans flooded her with angry comments.

Because people were so angry, the Commerce and Economic Development Bureau had to issue a statement telling the public that they considered Kidman an essential worker. They believe her series will bolster the local economy.

Kidman, however, has not commented on the situation.