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Bette Midler Comments on Rudy Giuliani’s ‘Hair Dye’ and Sweating: ‘Bleeding from a Recent Facelift?’

by Will Shepard
(Photo by John Lamparski/Getty Images)

Superstar Bette Midler is outspoken in her dislike of President Trump. Further, the singer-songwriter took to Twitter to share her distaste of Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani. Consequently, Midler made a joke about how the bleeding might be from a botched facelift.

On Thursday a picture of Rudy Giuliani giving a rousing speech surfaced. In the middle of the speech, something started running down Giuliani’s face from near his right ear.

Twitter quickly got to work to solve the issue. Better Midler hopped on the bandwagon to dissect the issue.

Although, people are fairly certain that the trickle running down his cheek is simply hair dye that didn’t dry long enough. Midler joins the gang of users making fun of Giuliani by chiming in with her own quip.

Midler roasts Giuliani asking if the trickle down his face isn’t blood from a recent facelift. Undoubtedly, whatever is going on with his face, it isn’t supposed to be happening like that.

Surely Giuliani will be upset with his makeup or hair team after this most recent mishap.

Midler Roasts Rudy Giuliani

In addition to an extra terrible picture of Giuliani, the original person to post the video points out their issues with Rudy.

“The “tucking” episode… Four Seasons Total Landscaping… Not knowing what “opacity” is… The My Cousin Vinny reference… Sweaty hair die running down his face…”

While the tucking episode refers to the “Borat 2” scene where Rudy supposedly tries to sleep with a minor.

The Four Seasons Landscaping incident is when Giuliani chose to host a rally at a landscaping place rather than the hotel.

“Opacity” refers to how Giuliani couldn’t remember what the word actually meant in a speech.

To wrap it all up, trying to reference election interference, he quotes a line from “My Cousin Vinny.

In conclusion, Rudy receives a humungous daily fee to be Trump’s lawyer. Consequently, Midler is in full support of the Twitter community roasting Trump’s personal lawyer.