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Bette Midler: ‘Doctors and Nurses Should Sue’ Over Big Religious Events

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images)

Hollywood star Bette Midler is definitely not a person who keeps her opinions to herself.

Thus, it should come as no surprise that “The Divine Miss M” is speaking out against a recent Supreme Court decision.

In a 5-4 ruling, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of issuing an injunction against the state of New York’s enforcement of the religious service rules, which cap religious gatherings at 25 in areas designated as “orange zones” and 10 in areas designated as “red zones” under state orders, according to New York Daily News.

On Friday, Bette Midler took to Twitter with her thoughts.

Nevertheless, this is the first significant U.S. Supreme Court ruling that involves Justice Amy Coney Barrett.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo Calls Ruling ‘Irrelevant’

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo says the decision blocking state officials from enforcing a cap on religious gatherings in coronavirus hotspots in Brooklyn and Queens is “irrelevant from any practical impact.”

Another key point to remember is that Cuomo says those areas are no longer designated virus hotspots.

He said the decision, among the first that includes newly-appointed Justice Amy Coney Barrett, was “really more an opportunity for the court to express its philosophy and politics.”

“The Brooklyn zone no longer exists as a red zone. That’s mooted. So that restriction is not in effect,” Cuomo said on a conference call with reporters Thursday.

“That’s what was irregular about the court taking it up.”

On Thursday, Midler expressed her thanks to healthcare workers.

Midler Continues Tweeting Digs Against Trump

As a matter of fact, Midler is not a really big fan of President Donald Trump and his time in office.

Midler’s Twitter account contains a plethora of anti-Trump tweets. A week ago, she told White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany to “go f— yourself.”

Furthermore, she suggested a class action lawsuit against Trump. And she argued that Trump “uses the law as a club.”

Above all, Trump continues his claim that he won the election.

Trump repeatedly claimed foul play took place in the election. Currently, the Trump campaign is reportedly seeking to reverse Joe Biden’s apparent Electoral College win through the legal system. The Electoral College meets on Dec. 14 to cast official electoral ballots.

Needless to say, Midler likely isn’t going to stop her criticisms of President Trump anytime soon.