Photo: Bette Midler Teases Look at ‘Hocus Pocus’ Reunion

by Jacklyn Krol

The Sanderson sisters have returned for a Hocus Pocus reunion!

The Benefit

Bette Midler, Kathy Najimy, and Sarah Jessica Parker are reuniting for a virtual live stream on October 30 at 8 PM ET. The event is for Midler’s charity, the New York Restoration Project. “In Search of the Sanderson Sisters” costs $10 a ticket and is available to purchase on their website.

The funds will go towards NYRP’s “dedication to creating more green space for underserved communities to grow their own food, connect, and access safe spaces directly in their neighborhood.”

The event will be one hour long and features a wide variety of celebrities. The night will be hosted by Elvira and feature Midler, Najimy, and Parker reprising their roles. The women still remain friends after all these years and have helped Midler with her charitable work in the past. All three actresses agree that this is one of their favorite films that they’ve ever worked on.

‘Hocus Pocus’ Sequel

Although the original film came out in 1993, there is still demand for a follow-up film. Recently, Disney re-released the original classic to movie theaters and drive-ins across the nation. In just one weekend, the 26-year-old film brought in $1.6-1.8 million.

There has been talks of a sequel in the works for years, however, it now may be coming to fruition. Midler told Entertainment Tonight in an interview that she would “absolutely” reprise her role as Winifred Sanderson. “I can’t wait to fly,” she added. She also revealed that she is speaking to Disney+ about logistics for the film. It is not known if it will be a reboot or a direct sequel to the original.

Midler previously teased the possibility of a reunion to the outlet. “Oh my goodness me. Oh, I hope they get to me before I’m a corpse,” she laughed.

“We wanna fly again,” she added, referencing her “sisters.” “I hope Disney+ is a big success and I hope we get to do it, because [Winifred] is of course one of my favorite characters… I can’t wait to read the script. We’re gonna see what happens.”