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Bette Midler Responds to COVID-19 Death Predictions: ‘Thank God My Daughter Learned Chinese’

by Jon D. B.
(Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images for New York Restoration Project )

Bette Midler is sounding off on Twitter again – this time on the amount of COVID-19 deaths projected – and she’s bringing her daughter and China into the fray.

Twitter is a war ground. In 2020, it’s celebrities like Bette Midler keeping the fire burning. Known for her outspoken nature as much as her singing or acting, Midler hasn’t let her opinions slip on the platform.

In her latest, the singer is sounding off once more on COVID-19. As usual, she’s not holding anything back.

“Predicting 450,000 dead by February unless we follow the guidelines,” Midler starts off. It’s what follows, however, that goes hard. “Well, that will never happen, so I guess we’ll just be going thru this for eternity,” she continues. “Thank God my daughter learned Chinese.”

No further context is provided from Midler on why it is beneficial for her daughter to be fluent in Chinese.

Far From The First Controversial Tweet from Bette Midler

Her latest comes from a string of strong statements by the actress. Previously, Bette Midler began calling on the GOP to stand up and challenge Trump’s recent claims that the election is being rigged. As a result, she began challenging Donald Trump once again. This time, however, she was calling on the Republican Party and GOP at large to hold the sitting President accountable, as well.

“Trump’s unsubstantiated attacks on the vote count continued to overshadow the election. Officials & newspapers around the world lamented the polarization & dysfunction in the world’s oldest democracy,” Midler quotes on Twitter.

“It’s time for the #GOP to tell their president that this must stop. #Enough,” she adds.

Moreover, Midler was labeling Trump’s behavior on the social media site a “complete breakdown”.

“The reality star is freaking out in real time and it’s thrilling to watch,” she tweets. “After four years of treachery, treason, cruelty, malevolence and lies.” In addition, she hopes “he has a complete breakdown, and we get to watch.”

“It’s reality TV, folks!” she finishes.

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