‘Better Call Saul’ Bob Odenkirk Opens Up About His ‘Unwillingness to Be a Public Figure’

by Chase Thomas

“Better Call Saul” has become one of the biggest shows on AMC following its predecessor “Breaking Bad”. The show, which is a prequel to the latter, has been a big hit of an origin story for Saul Goodman. Like Frasier on “Cheers”, Saul came to the party later on but folks loved his character and loved spending time with Saul and wanted more of him in the form of a prequel. Now, though, the show is coming to a close in April. With Bob Odenkirk’s celebrity star rising in recent years, the veteran actor opened up about his ‘unwillingness to be a public figure’.

He told the Chicago Tribune, “I enjoy talking to young people about showbiz, and I think a lot about the things that held me up and how understanding this business would have helped. I like to talk about the shortcuts, which became the driver for doing the book. I’ve helped young comedians for years — Tim and Eric, for example.”

Odenkirk wants to help. Now, that he’s a veteran in the industry, he wants to make sure he’s helping the next wave of talent not suffer the same drawbacks that he faced early on in his career. He genuinely wants to help them get where they want to go.

Bob Odenkirk Opens Up

He added, “And I had an assistant who is also an actress and she was helping me unpack stuff and I had this box of photographs — all of these pictures of Chris Farley, pictures from shows I have done. As she was listening to me talk about these photos, I thought maybe I should write about them, in a way. That said, my unwillingness to be a public figure might be me scamming myself — a lie I tell myself to appear humble to myself. I thought I would enjoy writing this more than I did.”

Writing a memoir is tough work. He has all of this experience and success, but he was unsure of the prospect of opening up in that way. In becoming a public figure in that way. It was a stark contrast to what the “Better Call Saul” star was comfortable with. So, he was not sure if he wanted to be a public figure in that way. It was a complicated experience that Odenkirk is still working out.

The End of “Better Call Saul”

All good things must come to a close at some point, and that includes “Better Call Saul” on AMC. Now, with the final episodes coming on April 18, fans are preparing for the end. It’s a bit different than “Breaking Bad”, though, as the latter you had no idea how it would end for the major players. For this show, you have an idea because you know how the AMC show began over a decade ago.