‘Better Call Saul’ Fans Debate Whether Chuck Was the Worst or Not

by Thad Mitchell

Among the most divisive characters on the hit AMC series “Better Call Saul” is Chuck McGill and fans aren’t sure what label to put on him.

Chuck is a textbook narcissist and is often cold and cruel to his little brother, Jimmy McGill. He resents Jimmy for cheating the system at every turn. Even though Jimmy is trying to follow the straight and narrow, he gets little support from his big brother. Fans of “Better Call Saul” are split on what to make of Chuck’s treatment of Jimmy as there are multiple sides to the story. It is the topic of discussion in a recent Reddit thread. Many fans have sympathy for Chuck as he is mentally ill. Others cannot point out that Chuck’s treatment of Jimmy is a big reason that he will eventually become Saul Goodman.

“I have sympathy for Chuck because he’s mentally ill,” one Reddit user says. “Particularly with Chuck deliberately isolating himself from others.”

There are plenty of reasons for “Better Call Saul” fans to dislike Chuck, primarily his mistreatment of Jimmy. But there are also reasons to side with Chuck for putting his little brother in his place. Before getting his law degree from an online school, Jimmy was a con man known as “Slipping Jimmy” for his antics.

“Let’s say you had a sibling who constantly stole from your parents and led their business to ruin. Would you still like him/her?” another Redditor asks. “Anyone who straight-up hates chuck has the shallowest thought process.”

Still, other “Better Call Saul” fans have little sympathy for Chuck based on his treatment of Jimmy.

“People actually have sympathy for Chuck?” a fan of the show asks. “He is the most despicable character in the entire show. His betrayal is what drove Jimmy to madness.”

‘Better Call Saul’ Features Intense Sibling Rivalry Between Brothers

The ongoing battle between Chuck and Jimmy McGill is a huge “Better Call Saul” storyline and a key reason for future events. Jimmy desperately craves Chuck’s approval and respect and will don’t most anything to obtain it. But Chuck holds Jimmy’s past transgressions over his head and thinks his little brother needs to be put in his place.

Chuck dies in the third “Better Call Saul” season finale, committing suicide by setting his house on fire. Though he is no longer part of the show, Chuck’s influence on Jimmy can still very much be felt. Chuck’s mistreatment will be one of — if not the biggest reason for Jimmy’s full slide into becoming Saul Goodman.

Once Jimmy’s turn to Saul is complete, he will become a shady “criminal” lawyer, representing only the worse of the worst. Saul will eventually cross paths with Walter White and Jesse Pinkman and assist them in building a meth empire in the events of “Breaking Bad.”