‘Better Call Saul’ Fans Really Love One Character on the Show

by Victoria Santiago

With the final season of Better Call Saul looming before us, fans have taken the time to reflect on who their favorite character is.

Suffice to say, the gritty crime-filled world of Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul is filled with complex, interesting, and even loveable characters. Many consider these shows to be some of the best to ever air. We see a lot of similarities between the main characters of these two shows: Bryan Cranston’s Walter White and Bob Odenkirk’s Jimmy McGill.

While two completely different people, they both undergo changes that lead them to a life of crime. Walter White’s intense and captivating transformation is undeniably addicting, but some even say Jimmy McGill’s transformation into Saul Goodman beats out White. Either way, the life of Jimmy-turned-Saul is every bit as thrilling.

Jimmy McGill’s Transformation Is Captivating, But He’s Not Fan-Favorite Material

While discussing the varied characters of the crime drama, fans took to Reddit to vote on who their favorite character was. Surprisingly, though, Jimmy McGill is not the overall fan favorite on Better Call Saul. No, he doesn’t even make the top five. Jimmy McGill is a great character, but he does a lot of things that make him highly unlikeable. However, Rhea Seehorn’s Kim Wexler seems to have captured the heart of most Better Call Saul fans.

Out of 317 total votes on Reddit, Kim Wexler won. Her character on Better Call Saul received a whopping 48% of the votes. According to Looper, Wexler’s character got 153 of the votes. For many, she’s one of the most interesting characters on the show. There were runner-ups, of course, but none even came close to the number of votes that Wexler received.

Second place was given to Tony Dalton’s cartel member Lalo Salamanca. The top five favorite Better Call Saul characters were finished with Michael Mando’s Nacho Varga, Jimmy’s brother Chuck McGill (played by Michael McKean), and Patrick Fabian’s Howard Hamlin.

‘Better Call Saul’ Fans Have Nothing But Love For Kim Wexler

Kim Wexler earned a lot of love in the comments of the Reddit poll, too. Many users commented just to say that Kim is the absolute best character on the show. “I would definitely say Kim for this one,” one Redditor commented.

Another Redditor agreed. They enjoyed that Kim’s change took time, and reflected on that in their comment. “Kim is great … I like the way they didn’t go all danarys targaryen on her … she’s not crazy and life gradually kicked her ass. Well-written, believable and wish-she-lived-next-door-so-we-could-hang quality.”

For others, it was hard to pick a favorite. All of the characters on Better Call Saul are undoubtedly good. Even though the show is riddled with great characters, some of them just surpass all expectations. Kim is even considered an “all-time” favorite in the Breaking Bad universe, with someone saying: “IMO Lalo, Nacho, and Kim are only surpassed by Jesse as characters.”

We haven’t seen the end of Kim Wexler yet. No matter what happens during this final season, we think she’ll be staying put as the fan-favorite.