‘Better Call Saul’ Final Season May Solve These Mysteries

by Thad Mitchell

The sixth and final season of the hit AMC series “Better Call Saul” is on its way, set to arrive in under two months.

“Better Call Saul” is a prequel to “Breaking Bad,” which became a cultural icon during its five-season run. The series follows Jimmy McGill, a small-time conman who tries hard to follow the right path. “Breaking Bad” fans know Jimmy McGill as the shady, always scheming criminal lawyer Saul Goodman. The strip mall attorney eventually aids Walter White and Jesse Pinkman build a meth empire. “Better Call Saul” takes viewers on Jimmy McGill’s journey into transforming into Saul Goodman once and for all.

Through five seasons, “Better Call Saul” has changed the way we view “Breaking Bad” and that is likely to continue. Series creator Vince Gilligan and lead actor Bob Odenkirk have teased an intense, game-changing final season. This would be nothing new as the show has been a major thrill ride from the very beginning. The series poses numerous mysteries and questions we hope to find answers to in season six. Since filming for the final season wrapped up a short while ago, three teaser trailers have been released.

Fans are especially curious about the second teaser in this video, featuring Gustavo “Gus” Fring. He is a central character in both “Better Call Saul” and “Breaking Bad” though little is known about his back story to the dismay of fans. The simple trailer shows Fring walking into his home after receiving his mail. Fans are hoping this is a tip that the sixth season will solve the mystery of Gus Fring.

Another teaser features the Salamanca brothers waltzing through what appears to be a crime scene. Like with Fring, there is much mystery surrounding these two cartel hitmen.

‘Better Call Saul’ Has Many Questions to Solve in Final Season

With its sixth season upcoming, “Better Call Saul” has an excellent opportunity to tie up loose ends and storyline.

The biggest question, of course, is what will be the final straw that turns Jimmy into Saul Goodman permanently. The transformation is happening right before our eyes but isn’t yet complete as a little bit of Jimmy McGill is still clinging to dear life. By the time the events of “Breaking Bad” come around, only Saul Goodman remains.

Bob Odenkirk, who plays the “Better Call Saul” protagonist, says he hopes fans will be as pleased with the ending as he is.

“I’m just trying not to get Covid, and show up and do a great job with this awesome show, and this amazing ending,” he says in a recent interview. “This (season) powerful, surprising, subtle, kind of low-key piece that’s been written with the greatest integrity by [co-creator] Peter Gould and the team of writers.”