‘Better Call Saul’: Here’s the Moment Where Jimmy Completed His Transformation

by Thad Mitchell

Much like “Breaking Bad” did, its prequel “Better Call Saul” has a compelling character at the center of its action.

For “Better Call Saul,” that character is Jimmy McGill, who we will know as Saul Goodman during the “Breaking Bad” era. A small-time conman who wants to get on the straight and narrow path, Jimmy McGill is working his way up the ladder. Jimmy draws inspiration from his older brother, Chuck, a bigshot attorney at a prestigious law firm. “Better Call Saul” traces Jimmy’s journey to becoming the wheeling and dealing, shady attorney Saul Goodman. Throughout the series, we get bits and pieces to the Saul Goodman puzzle, but there is one particular instance that cements Jimmy McGill’s transformation. The moment comes at the end of season four when Jimmy declares he will no longer practice under his given name. He will henceforth practice law as the pseudo name “Saul Goodman.”

After conning his way into being reinstated as a New Mexico attorney, Jimmy makes it official. He asks a court clerk for a document to declare his intentions to practice under a new name. His girlfriend, fellow lawyer Kim Wexler looks on in horror as she realizes what is happening. Using his brother’s death to draw out raw emotions of the court, Jimmy admits to Kim that it was all a con and that his brother is an afterthought. This scene closes out the fourth season of “Better Call Saul” and sets the stage for season five. Fans discuss this important scene on Reddit.

“Jimmy has me welling up in tears and then…yank,” one fan says. “I felt what Kim was feeling.”

“The crazy thing about Jimmy’s speech was it was literally true for season 1 Jimmy,” another says. “It shows how dark he’s become.”

‘Better Call Saul’ Star Bob Odenkirk Talks About Final Season

With his transformation into Saul Goodman now complete, Jimmy has given up on any sense of morality he may have had. By the time the events of “Breaking Bad” roll along, we know that he’s gone full conman once again. He will help Walter White and Jesse Pinkman build a methamphetamine empire that will come crashing down on his head eventually.

But before we get there, we still have one more season of “Better Call Saul” to get through. Bob Odenkirk, the actor behind Saul Goodman, says season six will provide closure.

“Sometimes people do learn the right lessons from their mistakes and their traumas and problems,” the actor says. “I’d like to think that after all he went through with the story of Breaking Bad, where he was gonna become wealthy by representing a meth kingpin, that he somehow decides to fly right and maybe use his various talents to help people who really need help. I don’t think that’s where he’ll end up but I think people sometimes do make a better choice based on experiences that they’ve had. But I don’t think they agree with that theory.”