‘Better Call Saul’: Here’s When the Show Could Possibly Return

by Chase Thomas

“Better Call Saul” has been a big-time hit spin-off program from “Breaking Bad” on AMC. After an unbelievable run for the latter, the former picked up right where it left off with Vince Gilligan back as director. That, plus Bob Odenkirk as the leading man, has worked beautifully on the network. Now, though, only one season remains and folks are wondering when this particular final season is returning. Well, here’s when the show could possibly return: April 18.

Yes, some fans think the latest trailer teased that April 18 this spring would be the return for the final season. It has to do with the letters and how they seem to look like April 18 for folks watching. Plus, this date falls on a Monday this year, which is when new episodes of the program typically air.

Only time will tell but expect an exact date sooner rather than later.

Vince Gilligan on “Better Call Saul”

One of the interesting aspects about the program is how it has juggled both worlds. Fans loved Breaking Bad. So, many have waited to see when Jess and Walt would appear on the spinoff. Gilligan told Rolling Stone, “We always assumed we’d get to Gus — I think we thought we might get to him quicker. Just speaking for myself and no one else: I thought we’d have gotten to Walt or Jesse by this point, as sort of the first fan of both shows. I’m greedy to see all of these characters. I thought we would see plenty of Breaking Bad characters. I didn’t know we’d dig as deep for some of them, as we have.”

Gus was always first in line. Instead, though, the new characters have been a hit and it has been a slow burn to reaching the fan-favorite characters.

Gilligan added, “We’ve gotten a great deal of satisfaction from seeing, for instance, that the real estate agent who shows Mike and [his] daughter the new house, was a real estate agent in Breaking Bad, who had the run-in with Marie. Little shout-outs like that, we love for two reasons. We love those Easter eggs for the really astute students of Breaking Bad. And we also know that that young woman who was such a wonderful actress and so much fun to work with on Breaking Bad.”

There is a lot to the little things. The Easter eggs.

Gilligan concluded, “We love when someone did a great job for us on a previous show, to pay ’em back by having them on the new show. Which is not to say that we’ll get every single one of those folks, even though we’d love to. There’s probably plenty we’ll never get to, just for lack of time, lack of episodes … but it’s fun to be able to do that.”

He wants to see them all again, but it has to work and be the right time. You can watch “Better Call Saul” on Hulu.