‘Better Call Saul’ Star Bob Odenkirk Describes an ‘Amazing’ Ending

by Allison Hambrick

Better Call Saul actor Bob Odenkirk opened up about filming the final season of the Breaking Bad prequel. In the series, he plays Jimmy McGill, a conman who eventually creates the persona of lawyer Saul Goodman. The character was a fan favorite in Breaking Bad.

For Odenkirk, playing McGill has been a fun ride. He described the experience of filming as awesome, and he praised the quality of the series’s writing.

“I’m just trying not to get Covid, and show up and do a f—– great job with this awesome show, and this amazing ending,” Odenkirk told Empire, describing the finale as “this powerful, surprising, subtle, kind of low-key piece that’s been written with the greatest integrity by [co-creator] Peter Gould and the team of writers.”

Additionally, Odenkirk opened up about his feelings towards his character. Because the series is a prequel, Better Call Saul sees McGill go through the opposite of a redemption arc. Odenkirk viewed this as a challenge, but a welcome one.

 “I mean, people ask me if I like Saul Goodman,” Odenkirk added. “The answer is no. I like Jimmy McGill. Saul Goodman is the kind of person I would avoid, pretty much at all costs, for a million reasons. Not the least is fashion sense. Keeping those two people in the same body, and having them matter and connect up, can be a challenge for the writers and for me, but it’s been a great, great effort to try to make it work. I can’t wait for people to see this final season. There are so many different places it goes, and there’s so much happening. It’s amazing.” 

Better Call Saul Star Commemorates End of Series

Odenkirk also shared his feelings about the series’s end after filming officially ended.

“Yesterday an amazing crew of people finished shooting Better Call Saul in Albuquerque, NM,” the actor tweeted. “It began in 2014, with great writing always leading the charge, and despite challenges of all kinds, our energy and care never flagged. I am honored to have been part of it.”

The actor posted a photo of himself with costar Rhea Seehorn on what appears to be a hike. Fans loved the shot, and many sounded off in the comments over how excited they are for the new season. One user responded: “We all collectively cannot wait! Thank you for sharing this wonderful show with us!!” Another added: “I’ll miss the show – but going out on a high note!!”

Recently, Better Call Saul announced an airdate in an unusual way. The series shared a video with a few clues for fans to piece together. Two evidence tags featured the letters “D” and “R.” D is the fourth letter of the alphabet, and R is the eighteenth. As a result, they deduced that Better Call Saul will return on April 18, 2022.