‘Better Call Saul’ Star Bob Odenkirk Marks Final Day of Filming with Touching Post

by Caitlin Berard

It’s been a long time coming. Better Call Saul was renewed for its sixth and final season back in January 2020. Production was thrown off schedule, however, and fans of the show were just given their long-awaited release date earlier today. Season 6 of Better Call Saul will premiere Monday, April 18.

The announcement inspired a great deal of emotion, ranging from excitement to bittersweet sorrow. Though fans have been waiting for this day for years, they’re also sad to see their favorite show coming to an end. Bob Odenkirk took to Instagram this afternoon to join in on the Better Call Saul lovefest.

The image shows Odenkirk squinting at the camera, the sun on his face, and costar Rhea Seehorn in the background. The caption of the post reads, “Yesterday an amazing crew of people finished shooting Better Call Saul in Albuquerque, NM. It began in 2014, with great writing always leading the charge, and despite challenges of all kinds, our energy and care never flagged. I am honored to have been part of it.”

The comments on the post are absolutely full of exclamation points, heart emojis, and a general eagerness for the new season. One fan writes, “We all collectively cannot wait! Thank you for sharing this wonderful show with us!!” Another says, “I’ll miss the show – but going out on a high note!!”

‘Better Call Saul’ Team Tests Fans’ Detective Skills

It’s true that the Season 6 premiere date was just released today. However, Better Call Saul fans were ahead of the game. Three days ahead of the official announcement, the Better Call Saul team posted a cryptic teaser to their Twitter page.

Diehard fans of the show were prepared. They simply knew that this was a message regarding the upcoming season – and they were correct. With just 15 seconds of nondescript footage and the title “Mark Your Calendar”, fans were able to deduce that the release date was indeed April 18, 2022.

How? With two letters strategically placed on crime scene evidence tags. The first in the shot is ‘D’, the fourth letter of the alphabet. Fans translated this to the fourth month of the year, April. This makes translating the second letter, ‘R’, easy. Since ‘R’ is the 18th letter of the alphabet, fans felt confident that meant the show would premiere on the 18th day of the month.

After sharing his heartfelt message, Better Call Saul star Bob Odenkirk confirmed the “game” created by the show’s production team. Odenkirk posted a second teaser trailer to his account. With it, he included the following message: “Find the release date…a fun game”. Think you have what it takes to piece together the clues? We have the second Better Call Saul teaser right here: