‘Better Call Saul’ Star Bob Odenkirk Talks Difficulty of Writing About Himself for His Memoir

by Hannah Heser

“Better Call Saul” star Bob Odenkirk has a new memoir. Recently, he revealed how difficult it is to write about himself in it.

On February 24, he told the Chicago Tribune that writing the memoir about himself isn’t an easy process. First, the news outlet stated, “Showbiz memoirs tend to be score-settling and full of self-aggrandizement. And you spend considerable time here describing yourself as angry and difficult.”

Without hesitation, Odenkirk answered in the most honest way he could. He said, “It’s hard to do a book like this and be honest. It’s hard to write about yourself and not make fun of yourself. Or just make fun of the idea that you’re writing about yourself. But I have read a lot of showbiz bios. I love ‘em.”

Next, he admitted to knowing what it’s like being on the other side. “I love the best ones and the worst ones,” he revealed. “I don’t care. Be it Corey Feldman or Orson Welles. I know what it’s like to be their audience.”

Next, he went on to explain his thought process while writing the book.

“So while writing the book, I would read it back a day later,” he added. “And think, You’re not telling me anything, this is all jokes, this is just sarcasm. What happened to you?

Afterward, he gave the interviewer a taste of what he would be like as a reader. “When I would get too jokey,” he continued. “I would think, as a reader ‘OK, just tell me about that first meeting with Lorne Michaels.’ I exaggerate my mix of cockiness and resentment. But it is a really good sense of what I was like in that interview. I did go in there just above it all.”

Bob Odenkirk Opened Up About How His Parents Reacted to the Career Choice

After they discussed the memoir difficulties, the interviewer brought up Bob Odenkirk’s parents. Some parents are proud of their children for following their dreams and some aren’t too fond of it. Let’s take a look at what Odenkirk revealed below.

First, the interviewer asked, “What did your parents think of this career path?”

He proceeded to talk about his dad first. “Nothing. My dad was gone,” Odenkirk said. “I hadn’t seen him since I was 14. I saw him again when I was 22 — and for only six months, then he died.”

Then, he went on to explain what his mother thought of the career choice. “My mom? I had five younger siblings in Naperville. She was quite busy,” he revealed. “On top of which, she is very religious and doesn’t watch movies. She’s seen “The Song of Bernadette” six times. She never watched the stuff I did until the last few years. She enjoyed “The Post” and “Little Women.” But she couldn’t watch “Breaking Bad” and “Saturday Night Live.” She couldn’t watch “Better Call Saul.” She certainly couldn’t see “Mr. Show.” She was just glad I made a living.”

While the star didn’t have the best support system from his family, his fans made up for it.