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‘Better Call Saul’ Star Rhea Seehorn Talks Role in New Series

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for AMC)

Everything must come to an end, and the AMC supershow Better Call Saul is not immune to this fact. The Breaking Bad spinoff is in the home stretch, and stars like Rhea Seehorn are looking to the next thing.

The new series you can see Seehorn in very soon? The show is called “Cooper’s Bar” and be forewarned, her character is nothing like Kim Wexler, the character you have come to know and love on AMC.

Seehorn told Variety, “I’m an absolute a–hole in it; I am horrible, which is fun,” she says. Actually, the marketing deck for “Cooper’s Bar” goes even further than that, calling Seehorn’s character, TV executive Kris, the “biggest d–k in Hollywood.”

Oh wow. Yeah, I think fans of her work in Better Call Saul aren’t going to be prepared to see Seehorn in this extremely different role. However, this is a cool thing for Seehorn. It’s hard to branch out and try different kinds of character roles and she clearly wants to do a variety of things in Hollywood and not stick with the same sort of parts that often happens to so many actors. Especially comedic actors.

Seehorn’s New Role Post ‘Better Call Saul’

Seehorn continues, “It’s incredibly different from Kim Wexler.”

“It’s definitely fun, when I’m am churning and wringing hands about Kim Wexler, to be working on these scripts for ‘Cooper’s Bar’ and thinking about Kris, somebody that steps over recliners and just screams and yells at people and has no tact whatsoever.”

This is clearly going to be a challenge for Seehorn to make this character transition. However, she clearly has a great attitude about it. This is important when it comes to figuring out the next role for her in the future. What’s better is that the show will also be an AMC production where Seehorn will play an angry Hollywood executive who apparently spends a lot of time in this particular dive bar of sorts.

For Seehorn to stay on AMC, it certainly appears that she has a great relationship with the case and with the network, or else one would think she would look to go elsewhere. Instead, her next series will be on the same network. It will be interesting to see how Seehorn does outside of the Better Call Saul universe, but as the show has moved along she has become one of its most important stars and seems poised for a breakout on a show just like this one. We shall see, ultimately, how Cooper’s Bar stands up next to Better Call Saul.