‘Better Call Saul’ Teases the Return of Two Characters

by Thad Mitchell

The return of two popular characters to the sixth and final season of “Better Call Saul” was teased in a recent social media clip. The teaser hit Twitter yesterday (Monday) and immediately drew excitement from the show’s huge fan base.

“Better Call Saul returns for its final season,” the tweet says. “Mark your calendar.”

The clip is only a few seconds long but carries huge meaning with important characters returning for season six. Leonel and Marco Salamanca, better known as the “cousins” or the “twin,” can be seen passing through a crime scene in the brief video. This is huge news to “Better Call Saul” fans who have been hoping that the twins would reemerge for the final. The Salamanca brothers are enforcers for a powerful drug cartel and they rarely speak. They have no problem carrying out vicious attacks and brutal enforcement for their cartel family. The brothers have had prominent roles in both “Better Call Saul” and its predecessor “Breaking Bad.”

The Salamanca brothers are played by real-life brothers, Daniel and Luis Moncada. They have very few lines in the series, only speaking when it becomes necessary. Instead, they rely on intense stare and a rather large intimidation factor.

In a “Breaking Bad” flashback from an earl season, we learn that the twins were trained to be brutal killers from a young age. Their uncle, Hector Salamanca, teaches the boys when they are young that family is all that matters. They would grow into the cartel’s top assassins and destroy anyone that gets in their way.

They are introduced in the “Better Call Saul” world in the show’s second season. They interact with the series’ two main characters, Jimmy McGill (Saul Goodman) and Mike Ehrmantraut, during their appearances.

The teaser trailer featuring the Salamanca brothers is the very first look at the upcoming new season. The twins are super unique characters and will likely play a big role in the final season.

But there is another reason fans are jumping up and down over the recently released eight-second clip. According to Screen Rant, “Better Call Saul” fans believe the trailer contains a clue when the new season will premiere.

Eagle-eye “Better Call Saul” fans scanned the video over several times and found the letters “D” and “R” prominently placed as evidence tags in the crime scene. “D” is the fourth letter in the alphabet and “R” is the 18th letter. Fans think this clue suggests the season six premiere will occur on April 18.

This is some mighty fine detective work here from the “Better Call Saul” faithful. Series creators have yet to announce the premiere date but April 18 certainly seems to fit. That would put the final season premiere just over two months away.