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‘Better Call Saul’: Why Jimmy May Find No Redemption in the End

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by David Crotty/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images)

The fifth and final season of the hit series “Better Call Saul” is just weeks away and fans are eager to see what comes of Jimmy McGill.

“Better Call Saul” traces McGill’s roots back to when he was a simple, but clever, conman. His work as a con artist earned him the nickname “Slippin’ Jimmy” a moniker he seems almost proud of. McGill will eventually become the sleazy, always-scheming criminal attorney Saul Goodman. Once his transformation is complete, he will assist “Breaking Bad” duo Walter White and Jesse Pinkman build a methamphetamine empire. “Better Call Saul” shows viewers just how that transformation went down.

Bob Odenkirk, the actor behind the antihero, has managed to make Jimmy into a sympathetic character. Viewers often feel bad for him as he struggles between wanting to do right and his own selfish desires. Some “Better Call Saul” fans even want to see a happy ending for Jimmy — but that isn’t likely to happen. We know Jimmy will go full bore on his Saul Goodman shenanigans in the very near future. Viewers are watching a character in Jimmy McGill whose future we have already seen play out. It certainly doesn’t look like there is redemption in Jimmy’s future. Even Walter White, a man responsible for many horrible things, sought and found redemption at the end of “Breaking bad.”

If there is any hope of a Saul Goodman redemption angle, it will likely have to play out through Gene. Through flash-forwards, we see Saul living a new life as Gene, who manages a Cinnabon store in Omaha, Nebraska. Saul took on the Gene persona after escaping New Mexico through an illegal “witness protection” venture. Viewers only see bits and pieces of Gene, typically at the beginning of each season.

‘Better Call Saul’ Star Bob Odenkirk Talks Becoming Saul Goodman

There are hundreds of ways the final season of “Better Call Saul” can go and fans are hoping writers wrap it up with a nice little bow. But as every fan of the show knows — that’s easier said than done.

No one knows that more than Bob Odenkirk who has made Saul Goodman one of the most memorable television characters of all time. Odenkirk speaks on the intricacies of playing such a nuanced and evolving character.

“I mean, people ask me if I like Saul Goodman,” he says. “The answer is no. I like Jimmy McGill. Saul Goodman is the kind of person I would avoid, pretty much at all costs, for a million reasons. Not the least is fashion sense. Keeping those two people in the same body, and having them matter and connect up, can be a challenge for the writers and for me, but it’s been a great, great effort to try to make it work. I can’t wait for people to see this final season. There are so many different places it goes, and there’s so much happening. It’s amazing.”