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Betty White Best Quotes: Lessons on Laughter, Life, And Living Without Regret

by Emily Morgan
(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for AFI)

In preparation for Betty White’s 99th birthday, Outsider is looking back on some of the icon’s best quotes throughout her life.

Known as America’s national treasure, White is nothing less than an icon. While she’s been a beloved figure for years, she’s kept us entertained for as long as any of us can remember. Throughout the century, she has given us words of wisdom that no one could have said better than Betty White herself. 

Here are 10 quotes from Betty White that prove she must be protected at all costs. 

“Butterflies are like woman — We may look pretty and delicate, but we can fly through a hurricane.”

Betty White has always had an unapologetic attitude about being a woman in the industry. Though the star has never labeled herself as a feminist, she has become a feminist icon for many because of her vast achievements that broke the glass ceiling.

White was one of Hollywood’s first female producers and has been regarded as one of the best female actors of our time. 

“Animals are near and dear to my heart and I’ve devoted my life to trying to improve theirs.”

White has devoted her life to helping animals in need. For over 50 years, she worked closely with the Morris Animal Foundation, an organization that funds research for veterinary medicine for companion animals and wildlife, and the Los Angeles Zoo. 

She has even stated how her life is cut in half: half show business and half animals, which are the two things she loves most. As a little girl, she dreamed of becoming a zookeeper or a forest ranger.

“If you live without passion, you can go through life without leaving any footprints.”

Always giving us words to live by, White reminds us to fill our lives with the things that bring us passion.

Even though she could have retired many moons ago, White remained passionate about being active in animal philanthropy and show business. 

“I really don’t care with whom you sleep, I just care what kind of a decent human being you are.”

During an interview with Larry King, White answered a fan’s question about her beliefs on gay marriage. Betty told King she doesn’t care who people sleep with because it is a personal, private thing, and none of her business.

Despite coming from an a generation in which many people held opposing views on the subject matter, White proved she was more interested in how people treat someone. 

“It’s your outlook on life that counts.”

There’s a reason why White has lived so long: she laughs. Despite the challenges she faced, she has consistently had a cheerful demeanor no matter the circumstances.

She reminds us all to laugh at ourselves and not take life too seriously since we’ve only got one. 

“I don’t understand how people can get so anti-something.”

For its time, Golden Girls was a bit of a controversial show. It sparked conversations on gay marriage, moms who use artificial insemination, and race.

The Golden Girls became an inclusive show that tackled some tough topics of the time by bringing these subjects up. 

“If one has no sense of humor, one is in trouble.”

Betty White has been dubbed the queen of comedy for decades. She has been laughing for almost 99 years, dedicating most of her life to the power of humor. 

“I’m a big cock-eyed optimist. I try to accentuate the positive as opposed to the negative.”

What many of her fans love about Betty White is that they’ve hardly ever seen her not smiling. Part of her success can likely be attributed to her optimism. Despite the few setbacks she had, she got right back to being her cheerful self. 

“Retirement is not in my vocabulary. They aren’t going to get rid of me that way.”

Before many people reach 99-years-old, they usually retire and settle down for a quiet life, but Betty White isn’t most people.

When White turned 96-years old, she didn’t slow down at all. She’s been consistently churning out work as an actress, writer, and producer. 

“I have no regrets at all. None. I consider myself to be the luckiest broad on two feet.”

There’s no doubt about it: Betty White has lived one heck of a life. Not only has she had a successful career that’s spanned several decades, but she’s also been active in animal welfare.

Betty White is truly someone we can all look up to and admire her for her sense of humor, humility, and grit.