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Betty White On the First Time She Learned She Was Funny, ‘Comedy Was Much More Fun’

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: Vincent Sandoval/ Getty Images)

America’s grandmother, Betty White, touches on the first time she realized she was funny, even though we always knew.

Even at the age of 99, Betty White is as sharp as a tack with her witty humor.

The funniest people, however, don’t try to be funny. It just comes naturally, Betty White admits. She credits her humor to her loving parents, who were always joking around with each other.

“I don’t think you ever realize you are funny. I think it either hits you in here or not. But I was an only child with the best mother and father. If I have done anything right in my life, I picked the right mother and father. Nobody played it straight in our family. Everybody would play off of something else. We’d be in serious discussions, and something would trigger, and somebody would have to make a play on words or something.”

Betty White continues, revealing the genre she likes to act in more.

“So, I kind of grew up with it, and I like laughing a lot better than crying, so comedy was much more fun than drama.”

Don’t we all.

Betty White on Air

Al Jarvis, a DJ and friend of Betty White asked the actress, who was still just starting out if she would accompany him in his TV show. At first, the series was set up just like a radio show, but with a camera in the studio. By the second week on air, it began to turn into a talk show.

The show Betty White worked on ran for five-and-a-half hours a day, six days a week.

The show on KLAC was one of two live series at the time in Los Angeles. White reveals KLAC “broke the ground on daytime” television, which was a surprisingly large demographic of people.

The training and interviewing helped White stay on her toes with jokes and puns but also make her cautious of what she said.

“It was like going to television college. You had to think on your feet because there was no script to refer to, and you had to keep your mental editor shined up a lot because whatever came in here (points to head) came out, so you had to be very careful of that. But it was magnificent training for four and a half years.”

Well, it sure was. Betty White has gone on to star in over 150 movies and TV shows. She also has the longest television career of any entertainer, spanning more than 80 years!

Keep on rocking, Betty! You are an icon and a trailblazer.