Betty White Once Played a Foul Mouth Serial Killer in This Classic B-Horror Movie

by Clayton Edwards

I don’t think it’s controversial to say that Betty White is a national treasure. She put her career on hold to help the war effort during WWII. Then, there is her time on TV. Golden Girls quickly became a multi-generational favorite and is now hailed as a classic. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, though. Every time she steps into a role she owns it. Now, at 99 years young, Mrs. White is pretty much America’s hilarious grandmother.

One of the best things about Betty White is the fact that she’s not afraid to subvert expectations. Sure, seeing her in a movie or TV show is fun. However, sometimes she hits audiences with the ol’ razzle-dazzle and does something that’s seemingly out of character for her.  That’s just what she did in the 1999 creature feature Lake Placid.

Betty White truly walked the line for the role of Delores Bickerman. On the surface, her character is a sweet little old lady who lives on a small farm. However, the truth is a little darker. In reality, Mrs. Bickerman feeds full-grown cows and probably her husband to a massive crocodile that lives in the water surrounding her homestead.

However, it isn’t just the fact that we see Betty White feeding cute farm animals to a dinosaur-sized crocodile that is shocking. It’s really the mouth she has on her in the movie that surprised most fans. Check out the clip below to see a little bit of both.

I’m willing to bet you didn’t expect that to come out of Betty White’s mouth. That line is one of the best examples of why her turn in Lake Placid is one of White’s most interesting roles.

More Choice Words from Betty White

That hilarious line is only the tip of the foul-mouth iceberg. For instance, the police are planning to arrest Mrs. Bickerman for feeding the massive crocs. The first half of her reply is as honey-sweet as you’d expect from deal old Betty White. “Murders and rapes in the city, people bomb planes, can police stop ‘em? No! But feed one little cow to a crocodile…” Then the sheriff informs her that she’s on house arrest until backup arrives. That’s when the razor tongue comes out. “Thank you, officer f**k meat,” she replies in her calm and endearing voice.

Then, there was the time when the authorities took Mrs. Bickerman’s cow by “eminent domain,” and she wasn’t happy. Betty White reached into the future and channeled the cast of Deadwood when she fired off at the mouth. “You’re all c**ksuckers! I knew it at first, I just didn’t want to say it!”

If that wasn’t enough for you, the clip below contains nearly three minutes of Betty White being a slightly-NSFW gem on a series of talk shows.