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Betty White Partners With Betty Crocker to Celebrate 100th Birthday

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images)

What’s better than celebrating the 100th birthday of one iconic Betty? Celebrating the 100th birthdays of two iconic Bettys, of course! Two of our favorite Bettys, Betty Crocker and Betty White are gearing up to celebrate their 100th birthdays in the coming months.

Additionally, we are invited to help celebrate these exciting miles stones.

In celebration of these exciting milestones, Betty White is teaming up with the Betty Crocker team, creating a campaign that will help us all celebrate the famous centenarian’s milestones right along with them!

Betty White was excited to share this birthday celebration recently. Her 100th birthday on January 17 is fast approaching.

“I love birthdays!” the iconic actress exclaims in her recent Insta post.

“With my 100th birthday coming up, I have a lot of great memories from different celebrations over the years,” White continues, noting the new Betty partnership she has recently formed.

Along with sharing her excitement over the partnership, Betty White notes that fans can help celebrate the milestones at home with their very own Betty birthday cake creations.

“With @BettyCrocker and @Walmart, you can celebrate your own birthday cake creations and celebrations,” the actress also tells her fans. “Share using #100waystocelebrate”

More Details on Betty White Birthday Cake

This unique birthday campaign puts our two favorite Betty’s in partnership with retail giant Walmart.

The campaign aims to celebrate our favorite Golden Girl and the iconic face of baking through multiple promotions centered around some of our favorite classic recipes. Conversely, a few of these promotions include a variety of “in-store events” at which participants can win Walmart gift cards.

Winners of these cards are awarded the prize to help them “bake a cake on Betty.”

Many Walmart shoppers have also received several mailers offering specials with this Betty campaign.

“The campaign is all about reaching and celebrating home bakers,” notes a spokesperson for Betty’s 100th birthday celebration partnership.

The spokesperson adds that the program is designed to encourage anyone to bake from the “culinary enthusiasts” to “those new to the kitchen.”

The goal of the promotion, the spokesperson also notes, is that participants enjoy the celebration “making memories with their families.”

Further, Betty Crocker became a household name in 1921 when General Mills created the female personality in an effort to respond to baking inquiries asked by customers.

The surname “Crocker” came from the name of a recently retired company director. Additionally, the name Betty came about just because it sounded friendly, reports say.

This brand-new baking personality became a massive hit in 1945. Further, Betty Crocker was dubbed the second best-known woman in America by Fortune magazine. The iconic baking personality came in second only to First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt.