Betty White Once Rapped in a Music Video, With Shirtless Men, For Life Insurance Commercial

by Emily Morgan

For decades, Betty White has held a wide variety of titles. From actress to singer, to animal advocate, to rapper, she’s truly done it all. If you’re stunned at the “rapper” part, you’re not alone. Surprisingly, way back in 2011, White starred and rapped in a music video. 

White proved age was just a number when “The Golden Girls” star appeared in a music video at 89-years-old. In 2011, she teamed up with Luciana Caporaso for a remix of the British singer’s song “I’m Still Hot.”

In addition, White kicked things up a notch when she appeared in the video alongside Luciana and shirtless hunks. The craziness doesn’t stop there: a boa constrictor from the Los Angeles Zoo also makes a cameo. 

“Music videos are not necessarily close to my heart, but animals always are,” White told Fox at the time. “I’m always comfortable with them. My beloved husband, Allen Ludden, when we would have a photoshoot he would always put a dog in my lap. They would have to shoot me from the neck up, but I’d always be so relaxed.” 

Betty White on Fire in ‘I’m Still Hot’ Video

Not only did the video garner laughs, but White’s appearance was also for a good cause: the proceeds from the video also went to the Los Angeles Zoo. For years, White’s been on the zoo’s board of directors and has raised millions of dollars for the organization.

Like with most of her other roles, White added that she had fun shooting the video— even if it was out of her comfort zone. 

“It’s a switch for me I will tell you, but it’s fun and they gave me these nice young men to work with that are built like little brick houses,” she said. “It’s challenging, but the boys are being so dear with me.”

Now, we can all agree that White really can do it all. Watch the full video below to see for yourself as White feeds the hunky men her cheesecakes, break dances, and wears a velvet tracksuit that reads “White Hot” on the back.

In addition to being a hit with her fans, the music video was also a commercial success. That year, the video won awards for ‘Best Branding Social Media Video” and “Best Viral Video Campaign.” In addition, the song peaked at No. 1 on the Billboard Dance Club Songs chart in 2011.