Betty White: Why the 99 Year Old Actress is Reportedly ‘Looking Forward to Summer’

by Clayton Edwards

Betty White has taken her share of risks over the years. After all, you don’t get to have an eighty-plus-year career in show business by playing it safe. You definitely don’t become a bona fide icon by coloring inside the lines. White has known from the beginning that if you’re going to make an omelet, you have to break some eggs.

Betty White has broken more than eggs during her career. She broke new ground by being the first woman to produce a sitcom. White broke records when she became the person with the longest television career in history. When WWII came, she broke away from showbiz and joined the military. The one thing that the Queen of TV didn’t break was quarantine.

The 99-year-old actress has been playing it very safe when it comes to her health since the pandemic started. In fact, she took it more seriously than most. White had someone else run her errands and pick up her groceries. She has rarely left her house since this time last year. Because of this, she is missing her friends and family. However, Betty White has a hopeful eye on the future.

Betty White Looks Forward to Summer

Betty White is looking forward to summertime. She hopes to get out and enjoy the great outdoors when the warmer weather comes. This will allow her to regain some of her freedom. At the same time, it’s the best cure for the malady that is currently hitting the TV icon pretty hard: cabin fever.

It’s not all bad for the iconic leading lady. She isn’t just wasting away in her home. In fact, Betty White has been keeping herself busy at home, according to a report. The television icon has filled her time by doing crossword puzzles, reading, and watching TV. She can’t see her friends and loved ones face to face, though. But, she still keeps in touch while staying safe. She writes letters, makes phone calls, and has found a way to kind of visit with those closest to her in person. She has limited visits with her loved ones through her window.

It is well known that Betty White is an animal lover. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have a furry friend to keep her company during quarantine. On the other hand, a couple of ducks regularly stop by her back door to say hi. So, she is getting plenty of visits.

Here’s hoping that Betty White can get out and safely enjoy the world again in the coming months.